Top Five Best Android Flagships for the Holiday Season

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The last few months proved to be quite lively for the smart-phone industry, and this should not come as a surprise, considering that the Holidays are nearly at our doorstep. Is is usually during this period that smart-phone manufacturers release new devices, because this is the best time for people to invest in gifts.

We also live in a technological age, where speed and performance are top requirements for most business people, teenagers and adults alike. Furthermore, this year was quite fruitful for those looking for new smart-phones, because many interesting features were added to certain models. Who would have ever thought that we would see a 20.3 MP camera or phones that can be immersed underwater?

Apple has recently released the iPhone 5S, HTC created a brand new smart-phone, and Google is rumored to have a brand new Nexus smart-phone up its sleeve. At the moment there is an abundant lineup of Android devices on the shelves of different technology shops, and it can be quite difficult to choose the perfect one. Here are the top five contenders that you should definitely keep your eye on.

1.     Samsung Galaxy S4
According to numerous reviews, the Galaxy S3 wasn't all that it was expected to be. As a matter of fact, the S2 is still considered one of the best smart-phones on the market, even if its specifications are a little outdated. The audience was expecting a major update to the Galaxy S3, and they have received it under the form of the Galaxy S4. To be completely frank, it is nearly impossible to not like something about this superb device.

It has one of the most powerful processors, an enormous amount of storage space, it can be used as a remote control for a DVR, the screen quality is outstanding, and the camera very advanced. The full specifications include a 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 (topped only by Sony's Z1), a 5-inch Super AMOLED high-pixel-density 441ppi display, a 13MP camera, and 16/32/64 internal storage. What more could you wish for?

2.     Motorola Razr I
You are probably not used to hearing the name of Motorola too often in the high-end smart-phone department, but it seems that this company never ceases to amaze. Razr I may not be the best, or best made handset around, but it is still a pretty solid smart-phone, that won't empty your pockets. As far as specifications go, it is equipped with a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2460 processor, a 4.3 Inch super Amoled 540x960 display, an 8MP rear camera and 8GB internal storage. It is the perfect gift idea, for tech enthusiasts with down-to-earth budgets.

3.     HTC One
HTC One remains one of the most reliable and efficient Android flagships on the market. It benefits from wonderful software and hardware, and it will soon be upgraded to Android 4.3, which means even more options for apps. Although it was released earlier this year (in April), it is still one of the favorite choices for most tech enthusiasts. A great thing about this is the fact that the price has dropped to ridiculously low levels, so it can be purchased by most people.

4.     Nexus 4
As we mentioned earlier, it is predicted that the Nexus 5 will make its appearance next month, but its release that has still not been made public. In the meanwhile, its predecessor, the Nexus 4 is still considered one of the best smart-phones on the market.

5.     Sony Xperia Z1
As far as tops are concerned, in most cases they are a bit personal. I truly believe that the Sony Xperia Z1 is the most beautiful, powerful and efficient smart-phone on the market right now. The company didn't wait long for the Xperia Z to win the hearts of people, because it has quickly released a better model, the Z1. This superb device may look a lot like its predecessor, but the changes are quite obvious.

The rim is now aluminum instead of rubbery plastic, the edges are more rounded, the camera was upgraded to 20.3 megapixels, and the processor is now a 2.2 GHZ Snapdragon 800, the highest we've seen on any smart-phone. The Z1 is hands-down the best smart-phone. It just seems to have it all, the overall design is remarkable, and the technical features are outstanding. It is true that it will be quite pricey, but it is definitely worth every penny.


Top 7 Best Apps for your Kindle Fire

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Since 2012, Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the most sold tablets in category of 7 inch tablet. 8GB Kindle is priced just below $160 and is one of the best value tablets. Kindle Fire is a mini version of Kindle e-book reader which runs on Android. It is easy to access all Kindle’s e-book and Amazon Appstore through it. It has 1GB 4430 dual-core processor with 600X1024 pixel resolution. It even supports a USB port and Wi-Fi. It has a long battery Life of almost 9 hours of reading, surfing and listening to songs. Amazon offers free unlimited cloud storage to save all of your work and not lose them in case it crashes or somebody steals your Kindle.

Kindle allows parents to set screen limits for the kids. This ensures that the kid is not overusing the tab whether it’s for playing or surfing. You can use it to check your office mails, Facebook status, or read your documents when travelling. It allows you to install various apps to help you in corporate world, gaming or reading books.

Here are top 7 Best apps which are must download for Kindle Fire:

BBC iPlayer

This is for BBC channel lovers. You can check out any episode or show that has been aired on BBC in last 7 days. You can stream the show through Wi-Fi and watch it when you are absolutely free. You can check out Weather reports, Sports News or Culture news from round the world on it.


It is a creative app which converts your favorite websites and social networking websites into magazine formats. So you can check the websites just like you are flipping a book. It is applicable for Instagram, Twitter and other such feeds. It will show you the pics and links posted by friends.


Everyone who uses a computer knows the utility of Wikipedia in today’s life. It is an encyclopaedia about everything; a collection of short GK books which has knowledge on about everything topic. This app will almost make whole world surrender in front of your palm on Kindle Fire.


This is a great website to kill your boredom and take into interesting world. IT will randomly show you interesting links on topics chosen by you. You can press the next button if you want to read some other topic. Once you start using StumbleUpon you surely are going to get addicted to it.


This app is for music lovers which lets you download millions of songs from internet and lets you listen to them when offline. You can search for songs through track or artist name. The app is free but requires a monthly subscription to listen to tunes.


This app will pull status and conversations going on Facebook and Twitter based on what’s being shown on live TV. So you can put in your thoughts and review of shows and make friends with similar thinking on the social sites.


This is a must-have app to keep your life organised. It allows you to save pictures, audio clipping, notes or any web clipping on cloud based notebook. You can connect to your data through multiple devices like mobile, tablet or laptop.


Top 10 Most Entertaining Online Multiplayer Games

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If you love online gaming, and that too some multiplayer gaming, then here is the list of ultimate online multiplayer games. Moreover, if you love some high action shooting games to have a rush of adrenaline in your veins, then you will simply love a few of the games from the list below.
The list here complied contains all those games which are in recent talks among the gamers from all around the world. Some of these games are even available on 3D platform, which will make your gaming experience more beautiful. Now you may be highly excited to know the games that the gamers around you are playing!
Just check out the list below and have some heart thumping gaming experience.
Fly around in your mount and collect those armors and weapons, meet the guidelines provided and stop your Horde or Alliance from picking up those little guys. Participate in those special events and complete level 80. After that you can redo every level over the Heroic mode.
Blow up your enemy soldiers, gain higher ranks with higher number of kills, and unlock some superb weapons when you complete each level. Equip yourself with some superb snipes and pick your enemies from a distant where they can’t even see you. But watch out for those coming from your back, as they love to stab you.
This game as popular as the movies are. With those various options to choose from, choose the bets that suits your character and join your own group of players. You have the choice of bringing down chaos over the planet or to end the anarchy and bring on peace by helping your own kind.
It is a sandbox type MMORPG style of game, which involves joining a team of players over a single server at any point of time. Join them and build your own ships, mine enemy forces, fight them, train in various skills and create corporations and have your own place in the universe, where your corporation will rule.
Developed by Sony, this game is enthralling for those who love action packed gaming. It offers to you a world of dragons, knights and swordplay. Choose your race and create your personalized character. Make your character as a merchant, crafter or adventurer.
This game has the feature to make you feel that it never going top end at al. It has the fame of having the best graphics available over the gaming market, till a few years back. Get involved with any of those guilds and have instant friends.
Battle up with a group of 49 players or even alone the daily warts or with other players, respectively, and enjoy one of the best online battle games ever. Winners can gain access to new places, like new villages, new missions and special boosts.
A 3D RPG game, involving the player to group up and focus on the basics of martial arts. The more levels you cross, you have to learn better skills for winning the game. But you have to start off the game as a vagabond, and as a single player, till level 25, when you can choose your clan.
A 3D space shooter game, the player has to join one of the three factions to complete the missions in the alien land of Phillon. You can also challenge other players on duals.
A multiplayer 3D game, where you have to build your own world. You can have 3D chat with the other players and can also visit their worlds. You can avail the maximum of the game for free, but a few things also can be bought.


Top 5 Android Apps for image editing

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We  use many software’s like Photoshop, Photoscape...Etc to edit our images on Pc, Though if we took a Image on our mobile we used edit on PC thinking that there are no good app for android to edit Images. But that’s not a fact at all there are many advanced image editing tools for Android platform to turn normal images into Master pieces. All you need is little bit of Creativity and i am sure that you won’t feel much difficulty in using apps to edit images

1. PicSay - Photo Editor

Though it comes out with low memory of 0.93 MB, it has all the useful features to edit your images. This application is very easy to edit images. It has many features like Stickers, Special effects and lots of fabulous stuff..! You can also add bubbles to turn images into comics or conversations. Increment and decrement of brightness and contrast can also be done with provided option for your images.

Average Rating : - 4.5
Download it from here : - [link]

2. Photo Editor – Fotolr

This application comes out with the memory of 7.0 MB and this has 22 provided features which are useful in image editing. Its User interface looks awesome, you can even create and edit folder with this application. You can add few Makeovers like lipstick, Wig, Hair Dyeing and face trimming. Pictures, frames and colour splashes can be added to the images instantly. After editing your images you can share the final product with your friends by sharing it one social networking site like facebook, twitter and Tumblr.

Average Rating : - 4.1
Download it from here : - [link]

3. Vignette

This app consists of large number 84 effects that no other app has. It even possesses 54 frame styles to turn your images in an interesting manner. With all those tons of effects you can really create some worth full images. You can snap images with the camera interface provided by the app itself, which allows you to add many effects to image.

Average Rating : - 4.4
Download it from here : - [link]

4. PicsArt - Photo Studio

It’s an All in one photo editor with many number of image editing effects in it. By enhancing your standard camera it will let you to take images by applying effects to it while snapping. You can draw with brushes, callouts on your edits. Among various tools comic, old paper, pastel, red eye remover, smart blur makes this app more unique. You can share you images with your friends easily using this app.

Average Rating : - 4.7
Download it from here : - [link]

5. Magic Hour Free – Camera

You can download unlimited filters for free from Filter market...! This make this app more interesting.It will be provided with 40 filter and those are more than enough to take some beautiful snaps, but if you are not satisfied with them then you can go for free filter market.

Average Rating : - 4.0
Download it from here : - [link]

In this digital world Since People are more fascinated with mobile photography; app like these will really let them turn their snaps in to long lasting memories. That’s all for now buddies Hope you likes the article.  If you feel that any other application is better than the above mentioned apps or for any other suggestions you can comment below.


Google has always put a lot of faith in their Nexus brand. It was the first brand Google felt comfortable claiming as its own proprietary device and launching with an exclusive sale through its own online store. It’s been a few years since the original Nexus and tablets have risen to become a formidable force in mobile devices and the Nexus 7 has arrived at a pivotal point in the tablet trajectory.
Apple created and subsequently dominated the tablet market with its iPad, but Amazon shook things up with the Kindle Fire, a device that came in $300 cheaper than the iPad and introduced the content model, a new business model possible only through the development of mobile broadband. When Microsoft entered the tablet wars, the time was ripe for Google to throw some skin in the game.
The Nexus 7 earns its namesake from its 7 inch screen and earns its market potential from the newly integrated, ever-growing Google Play Store, another shot fired at Amazon’s own digital store. Selling the device is certainly Google’s prerogative, but pulling consumers into Play’s content ecosystem is how Google plans to capitalize on their massive network of media and potential users.


Apple’s decision to roll out Retina Display across all its screened devices raised the stakes for all hardware manufacturers, especially with regard to tablets; the N7’s answers with a 1280 x 800 high-resolution display. The N7 is both lighter and thinner than the Kindle Fire, and it delivers graphics using a powerhouse 12-core CPU. Additionally, the 7's 3 quad-core processors allow it to keep up with the insane demands of consumers on their hardware.


The iPod was one of the first consumer electronic devices that got people thinking about storage space and making purchases based on their needs. The recent rise of cloud networks and mobile broadband has all but nullified previous concerns about storage space. The Nexus 7 will ship with at least eight gigabytes of space, but its real power will come from the Google Play store and the devices ability to stream content directly to the user without having to store it on the device. Those eight gigabytes are functionally used for storing apps and caching. Cloud backup services can be folded into the mix, increasing the extant functionality and opening a door for third parties to profit off of the device.

Media Content

Google has put a monumental effort into synthesizing their content delivery system with Play, an initiative they hope will at the very least challenge Amazon’s massive digital store and at best, crush it. The Nexus 7 will rely on Google Play to deliver books, movies, games, television shows and all manner of media to the device without the encumbrance of hooking up to a PC. It doesn’t hurt that anything you’ve bought through the Android store in the past few years will also carry over. Google is hoping that this will raise the value proposition for potential buyers.
The Nexus 7 is a serious bid to validate the mid-size tablet market and snatch market-share from Amazon’s fingers with the only content delivery system that could possibly rival the online retail giant’s. The success of the N7 will depend on just how well the Play store can move content, but if there’s anything Google is good at, it’s sales.
So, in the spirit of the Olympics, let the (tablet) games begin!