Small Tricks To make You Angel Laugh

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It’s such a wonderful feeling to have a small baby angel at home. Blessed are those couples who have small angels at their place. It’s always a delight feeling to play with them and share intimate thoughts and feelings all the time. We all like to play with them and make them laugh and cheer all the time. For obvious reason who doesn’t like a cheered up baby, we all like to intentionally try and keep them happy. Here are few of the tips which will help you bring a cheerful smile on baby face:

Unusual Strange Sound:

Infants just like to giggle over some of the strange sounds they come across. They somehow get fascinated by sounds like a clap, chirp or a slurp. This one is actually one of the easiest way to make them laugh.

Funny Unusual Faces:
All kinds of infants get inspired by funny faces being made in front of them and get in laughter riot the same moment they see something unusual. It’s a great exercise to try out and runs never out of demand. All babies loves to see some unusual funny faces being made in front of them.

Pretend To Bite:
Pretend to nag body parts of the small kids and they will start laughing immediately. They like to get teased and in return enjoy the attention and burst in laugh the same moment. It’s a working trick for most of the kids. While trying it just keep it in mind to not hurt them unintentionally.

Keep it soft and mild in a way such that your teeth doesn’t hurt their soft skin or rupture them in any way.

If you wish to give your kid a laughter riot  simply start tickling them. They will laugh like anything. Few of the kids are extremely ticklish and the moment you touch them around waist they will instantly start laughing. Tickling can also make any adult laugh and burst in tears. As a precaution while tickling your baby keep your hand gestures soft and as gentle as possible.

Skin Blow:
Babies love to have their skin blowed and enjoy the process thoroughly. It is obvious with any baby around the world that they are somehow bound to love it. All small wonders love people blowing their skin. Probably this is one of the oldest tricks being accomplished with every kid at least once in their childhood and being enjoyed by them.

These are some of the working tricks which you can try to cheer up your kid and make them laugh all the time. Please note kids are extremely fragile and you should always be careful while trying few of the tricks with them to make them laugh. It is fun to play with them all the time however at the same time certain level of precautions is intended to be kept in assurance of their safety and health. Apart from these small pointers keeping in assurance, there is nothing left to stop you from playing with your kid. 


Life become livelier when you are optimistic

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The world is filled with people who can be broadly categorized into two verticals. One, the half full and the other, the half empty. This difference is essentially based on optimism, without which even surviving can seem quite difficult. Like everyone, even I too had passed such a phase but then i decided to Lookup to be more optimistic.

When it comes to choosing the most suited vertical for me, it would say that I am an optimistic person. But if you would have asked this question to me some four years ago, then I would have failed to claim myself as a positive human being.

I faintly remember the first time when I saw him. It was a nice monday morning and I was feeling all grown up. Who wouldn`t? We had finally entered secondary school. I saw him in the line next to mine, in the morning assembly, holding hands and praying with utmost genuineness.

I don't even remember when this new kid became my best friend. That could be over our common interest in fantasy novels or over our shared love for food. Whatever the reason might have been, we both had become inseparable. During classes we would study together and during the recess, we would play together. We had developed a special kind of bond, something that I failed to explain every time I talk about him.

Days passed, months went by and calendars changed, but our friendship remain unaltered.

I still remember that day, it was a dull Thursday and we were playing basketball in school. I asked him to pass the ball at me but he just couldn't look at me. He left the ball there, and stood there unmoved. Seconds later, he was on the court, lying and coughing hard. I went close to him, to help him get up but he just stayed there and coughed some more. Minutes later, I shouted for help, he was coughing out blood.

A month later, I discovered that he had blood cancer. He was in his third stage of the dreadful disease. I simply couldn't believe it. How could he, out of everyone have it? Why him?

I spent nights crying and days praying for his well being. I saw him getting weaker every day. I saw his mom and dad visiting every temple, every hospital, leaving no stone unturned.

The doctors had said it, that his days are countable. We all were shattered, broken and deeply sickened by the way of life. When all of us had lost hope, there was one person who had always kept smiling. And it was him, Shaurya.

Lying on the hospital bed for months, getting several chemo sessions done and taking numerable number of syringes, this guy`s faith didn`t alter. He believed in God before and he believed in God then as well.

It`s been close to year now, that he`s cancer-free or let's just put it in his words, “Cancer is now Shaurya free.” He never dreaded cancer, he never dreaded any evil force because he believed in God and more than anything, he believed in himself, his capabilities.

My best friend taught me how to live life, even when he was about to lose it. And it was then when I realized that no matter what a situation is, it is very important to have faith in oneself than getting succumbed to the life’s unexpected situations.


A very important person in my life, whom I consider, as the role model of my life, is my life-giver, my first fan, my best critic and of course my best friend, my mother. She has been my teacher, role model, friend and an awesome counselor throughout my lifetime. She is a source of motivation for me and also told me what true love really means.

My mother had made a lot of compromises for my good upbringing. She always teaches me the benefits of an excellent education. She was never having a lot of money to spend on me yet she had never made me realize that we are having a shortage of money.  She had always given me everything which is required for a good upbringing and lifestyle. Being very honest, my mother always managed everything in the best manner she can.

One of the most crucial roles that my mom plays in my life is that she is a great teacher along with being a very good counselor. My mother is the person I can head to for a valuable yet safe lesson. She is also the one person whom I feel close enough to share with some of my biggest joys along with pains. My relationship with my mother is one that I really needed in my life.

In a planet where parents sometimes can make you mad, I know that I could never be where I'm today without the sacrifices and motivation of my mom. I constantly respect the influence that my mother had on my well being. She is also very fun loving and childish sometimes. She use to play games with me, she told me how to cook, how to put make-up, how to look stylish and everything which was required to get a pleasing personality.

My family struggled and experienced many rough stages, but my mother had always been there to guide all of us. No matter just what the circumstance can be, she was constantly there supporting my father. She had also helped my father when his business was not doing well. Without my angel mother, I don’t know where I would have been right now. I had gone through a very tough stage in my life, I was being cyber bullied and making wrong decisions about the friends I use to hang out with, instead of focusing enough on my school. That was the moment when my mom said as long as we learn through our mistakes, we can’t become a better person. I would have made many wrong decisions in my life, if I would not be told the difference between wrong and right. This all is just because of my mother, her teachings and her support that I am here with complete confidence. I had given her the title of superwoman, because she is exactly that for me. She does everything by herself and is so much perfect in all her tasks. I wish I could also become a successful mother as my mother is. I thank God every day that he had given me such a wonderful family and most importantly He had given me the most beautiful gift of my life, my mother.


Getting Straightener Difficulty Getting Your Child To Rest? 

Kids no doubt simply hate going to rest. Indeed, babies will battle for rest like it was the fallen angel. They can't stand the prospect of passing up a major opportunity for something along these lines. They essentially decline to go to rest and that is unquestionably why you in light of the fact, that the guardian, needs to discover the majority of the best methodologies that may help you to get your children to rest at night.

Young people need to have development and steadiness to have the capacity to rest soundly every and each and every night. Don't simply sit tight for the children to acquire exhausted before you put them to the  cot. Have a period and hold fast to it. This can be the absolute best way to get your little angels dozing through the night effortlessly and effectively.

Bedtime Strategies For Your Children

Awesome evening time customs can unquestionably help you to get the kids to rest at night-time. Case in point, you could need to give the young people a hotness and quieting shower around evening time in front of the cot. This can come as a path towards alleviating them to sleep. After such a bath they will go to rest effortlessly. Kids simply like customs and these sorts are incredible.

It can be truly an awesome idea for you to let the night unfold quietly. Appreciating feature diversions together with your kids only in front of the couch is without a doubt not the best system to go. Putting out your kids messing around with recreations is just truly going to procure them to get bothered up. You'll have to get the kids loose; following a peaceful night emulated by a decent high temperature shower can be glorious.

Some Bed Time Rituals

       Brushing teeth
       Reading a book together
       Watching t.v. Together
       Playing a game
       Getting clothes ready for tomorrow
       Back / head rubs
       Preparing the bed together
       Telling a story and
       Having a special bedtime animal, blanket or pillow.

All along each for each activity it is also important to make sure that your kids are always accompanied by none other than you or your spouse. The closer you get with your child, your kid will feel more relaxed. Along with that, you will also be able to spend some real quality time with your angel. As your kid knows that you are always there for him/ her even when you are exhausted, he/ she will feel more cared, following which they can have a peaceful night.

In the event that you need to get kids to rest, you'll have to consider that your baby won't be used to quietness. Aggregate quietness can be quite unnerving to various newborn children. Have a go at getting these sorts of sounds in the room alongside your kids and perceive the distinction they find themselves able to make. Immediately your kids could be getting to rest while suitably missing each and every night.


Regrets last for a lifetime they say. If you want to try out something so go for it. In today’s fast moving world everyone is caught up in their day-to-day activities. You hardly get time to sit back and make note of the fun things you would have loved to do. It may be small or big, doesn't really matter. What would matter is accomplishing it before it is too late.

If you have a bucket-list so make sure you go after completing it. It is a list of the goals you would want to achieve and certain passions you personally would want to experience before you take the journey to the heavens above. We bring to you a list of certain fun filled activities that should feature in my bucket list when i can say or I'm "Befikar Umar Bhar

1.      Try adventure activities!

Set the thrill tone in your body and undertake the adventure activities. For water enthusiasts try activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling. The experience of vast expanse of water body that engulfs you is something beyond imagination. The peace and the calmness surrounded by the marine life that you experience will never ever leave your mind.

Go the distance and try out extreme adventure with bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving and the like activities. Imagine jumping off dizzying heights while your body experiences an adrenaline rush like never before. Definitely not for the faint hearted, but these are experiences that you can brag about time and time again!

These activities will give you a personal satisfaction of having done something out of the ordinary and push yourself to the limit.

2.      Befriend a stranger

You never need a reason to kick-start a friendship. It is said and has been observed that the best friendships start unexpectedly. Just hit up a good conversation, know a person more and carry the friendship on a very good note. It will bring a great sense of joy to you as an individual.

3.      Adopt a pet

The beauty of having a pet has to be experienced. There are many adoption centres across, just contact them and adopt a pet. It may get a little tricky at the start but as time goes by, you will without a shadow of doubt will forge a strong connect with the pet. No matter who is there with you and who is not, your pet will definitely hear you out.

4.      Go on blind date!

Sounds scary? It is, but it will be an experience that will leave you rolling over and over again. Who knows, the person may turn out to be your soul mate. If not, you will definitely look back and laugh at the experience.

5.      Travel- Far and Wide!

Last but not the least, Travel! This is one such thing, that no matter how busy you are, you ought to make it a point to visit different places. Get a group of friends and embark on a road trip, take your soul mate and visit the romantic destinations or just visit holy places with your family. The bottom-line is, TRAVEL. You get to see the world from a whole new angle, you learn new ways of life, you meet new people, you learn lifestyles across the globe and your vision gets broadened. Follow the motto, ‘If travelling was easy you would never find me’.

Try these 5 ideas and you will sense a great level of accomplishment of having done something in today’s blazing fast life. When you are sitting down idle, list down the things you want to do before your body tires down and make sure you do them. Once, you accomplish the bucket list and when your body finally slows down, you will bloom with pride and happiness of having “Befikar Umar Bhar”!