Simple things to make yourself Happy

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We always say home sweet home. This is a place where we can do anything with liberty according to our own lifestyle. Also being a part of your home affects us by all means of our life despite various types of moods thinking and routines. Some even develop anxiety by being too much alone or can have an impact on their mood by being at home. It’s actually everything under our control and hence we can optimize yourself to the surrounding of our home.

So let me tell you some very basic and simple thing that can help you achieve happiness by just changing your daily habits in life.

The first and simplest task is keeping your room tidy making your bed and keeping things in order. That will keep your mind clean and happy. Neatness brings calmness in mind. You can start this by making your bed and arranging the books that are major things of your house.

Another is being at your home and call up your friends or distant family members when you are bored at home. This technology thing will keep you connected and make you happy. But yes you should call them through voice or Cam. Texting and Emailing won’t work at all as it will simply look plain and will count nothing on your emotions.

Spending money that could benefit you or make you happy is another good thing. Make up some budget and buy anything that will make you happy for the time being or buy someone for one of the member of your family. You can even buy some good food or movie that could arrange a meeting with your family members and can cause group discussion that will make you happy at very good level.

Also you should do some small favours for housemates for free. That could count on your family member or even the housemaid or any other worker working. You can lift some help to them which will not only make happy to you but also make things easier for them. You can help with your siblings homework if you are free or help them sort out things or best is to motivate them when you see them in grieve and sadness. But yes a point to be noted is that you should not expect something in return from them yes that will bring happiness. When you do something good you feel good.

Before off to sleep there also another suggestion that you can do is set up some tasks that you have to do to keep yourself involved from the very first starting of the day thereby causing no anxiety and bringing happiness for the rest of the day and relaxation. 


A Ray of Hope

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All of us has some dark secrets, which we would never want to rip open in front of anyone. Not because they are bad or something forbidden, but because they have a sense of guilt and embarrassment attached to it. We wonder how people will react to it, thus creating several non-sensical situations in our head that are far from reality. We fear being judged, we fear condescending looks of criticism and we fear those smirky laughs. And hence, we spend years living a fearful life.

Let me come out the closet and confess something, I have failed my parents, I have failed my teachers, I have failed my friends and most importantly I have failed myself.

I faintly remember how it started. How everything slowly and calmly lead to destruction and fear. How my life changed upside down, how I was drowning in the ocean of loneliness and begged for a hand to lift me up. I remember how my quest for temporary happiness leads to almost permanent melancholic life.

It was around the time when I had gotten into the best college in Delhi for studying English Literature. Coming from a slightly unknown area of the country, I was finding it hard to settle and crave a place for myself. Life in Delhi started on a dull note, even though I was getting to do what I craved. I thought after a few days and maybe weeks almost I`d be fully settled in my new life, but life had other plans. It was only getting worse. I couldn`t be a part of the Delhi culture, it was getting hard for me to fit in. The much awaited college life was turning into a nightmare, dark and lonely.

And then, I did what I regret the most, I gave in.

It was getting tortuous not being able to fit in. And one night, I went to a pub with my flat mates, that`s where I lost it, my self-control and my sanity. Since everyone around me was trying drugs, I started too. But that`s wasn`t the end of it, in fact, it was the start of it.

Soon I couldn`t do without drugs anymore. I needed a dose every day. I started saving and when I ran out of money, I lied to my parents. I did everything that I wasn`t supposed to but why? Just to fit in? Guess what? I did fit in. But this is not I wanted now, I wanted only drugs.

Two years later my family discovered about my addiction. By then, I had lost everything I had, college, friends, career, family and myself. My parents, my only pillar of support, took me to a rehabilitation centre and got me treated.

I am not the same person anymore, I am an optimist now. I know how to stay up and fight for it and not give in to it. I thank God for bringing a day when my parents got to know about the changed me. A day that changed my life completely.

And whenever I look back, my mom says- “Let bygones be bygones.”


Breaking stereotypes

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As we all know, India is dominantly a patriarchal nation; a nation that spells the word “boy” before “girl”. No, I am not a female chauvinist nor I am a Aakriti, putting the desires and the requirements of girls in the front. I always believed myself to be a right feminist. And this belief is no easy stuff especially for females in India.

Illiteracy is the very root cause of all the problems. Believing with this phrase, I started my education and took it quite seriously when I was in involved in school. Now while being in school, I often saw some Muslim girls were covered from top to toe, even in those scorching summers; and I was like why and how? I mean seriously bearing those heavy garments in that 48 degrees of Indian heat, is no simple issue. However, as I started learning or rather as I started educating myself, I learnt that beauty does nothing to determine your personality. And this realization made up my mind to being covered from head-to-toe like those other Muslim girls.

No, it is not about religion that I decided to clad myself. No! This decision was completely mine. I knew very well I was beautiful and pretty enough, but seriously I DON’T want to use my beauty to achieve many things in life. I am an educated girl, having completed my Masters in English Literature, so why show off my beauty to get a job or to even get married. Thus started my journey of stepping out of my house, being either covered in a long coat or a simple gown, only leaving the face uncovered.

Now this may sound very easy, but trust me it is NOT. This decision from my part made many believe that I was turning religious. But the real fact is I just want others to judge me as I am, not as I look. When I used to hang out with my friends, I used to get teased with stupid names like “Ninja Turtle”, but do I seriously care? Of course, no. In fact not just some of my friends, but some of my family members also started teasing me, calling me with seriously weird names. But these teases and weird names made me believe in myself more; following which I stuck to my decision.

Even when marriage proposals started pouring in, this issue stood up as if I had committed a heinous crime. But all the more, it made me believe that I am doing no wrong stuff. I just decided to stay covered, in front of the whole world. Stepping outside only with a face out made others believe that I am an uneducated lady. But their beliefs always get shattered once they see my confidence shining within. Today when I speak up in front of public in any forum or when I tell others I am a teacher and a writer, they finally believe judging a book by its cover is always wrong. Obviously just because I don’t wear the trending and the fashionable stuff doesn’t mean I have a hollow personality. People now know for me for my accomplishments in my life and now by my beauty and that made me successful of breaking all the so-called stereotypes that makes a girl slave to the trending fashions. 


Small Tricks To make You Angel Laugh

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It’s such a wonderful feeling to have a small baby angel at home. Blessed are those couples who have small angels at their place. It’s always a delight feeling to play with them and share intimate thoughts and feelings all the time. We all like to play with them and make them laugh and cheer all the time. For obvious reason who doesn’t like a cheered up baby, we all like to intentionally try and keep them happy. Here are few of the tips which will help you bring a cheerful smile on baby face:

Unusual Strange Sound:

Infants just like to giggle over some of the strange sounds they come across. They somehow get fascinated by sounds like a clap, chirp or a slurp. This one is actually one of the easiest way to make them laugh.

Funny Unusual Faces:
All kinds of infants get inspired by funny faces being made in front of them and get in laughter riot the same moment they see something unusual. It’s a great exercise to try out and runs never out of demand. All babies loves to see some unusual funny faces being made in front of them.

Pretend To Bite:
Pretend to nag body parts of the small kids and they will start laughing immediately. They like to get teased and in return enjoy the attention and burst in laugh the same moment. It’s a working trick for most of the kids. While trying it just keep it in mind to not hurt them unintentionally.

Keep it soft and mild in a way such that your teeth doesn’t hurt their soft skin or rupture them in any way.

If you wish to give your kid a laughter riot  simply start tickling them. They will laugh like anything. Few of the kids are extremely ticklish and the moment you touch them around waist they will instantly start laughing. Tickling can also make any adult laugh and burst in tears. As a precaution while tickling your baby keep your hand gestures soft and as gentle as possible.

Skin Blow:
Babies love to have their skin blowed and enjoy the process thoroughly. It is obvious with any baby around the world that they are somehow bound to love it. All small wonders love people blowing their skin. Probably this is one of the oldest tricks being accomplished with every kid at least once in their childhood and being enjoyed by them.

These are some of the working tricks which you can try to cheer up your kid and make them laugh all the time. Please note kids are extremely fragile and you should always be careful while trying few of the tricks with them to make them laugh. It is fun to play with them all the time however at the same time certain level of precautions is intended to be kept in assurance of their safety and health. Apart from these small pointers keeping in assurance, there is nothing left to stop you from playing with your kid. 


Life become livelier when you are optimistic

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The world is filled with people who can be broadly categorized into two verticals. One, the half full and the other, the half empty. This difference is essentially based on optimism, without which even surviving can seem quite difficult. Like everyone, even I too had passed such a phase but then i decided to Lookup to be more optimistic.

When it comes to choosing the most suited vertical for me, it would say that I am an optimistic person. But if you would have asked this question to me some four years ago, then I would have failed to claim myself as a positive human being.

I faintly remember the first time when I saw him. It was a nice monday morning and I was feeling all grown up. Who wouldn`t? We had finally entered secondary school. I saw him in the line next to mine, in the morning assembly, holding hands and praying with utmost genuineness.

I don't even remember when this new kid became my best friend. That could be over our common interest in fantasy novels or over our shared love for food. Whatever the reason might have been, we both had become inseparable. During classes we would study together and during the recess, we would play together. We had developed a special kind of bond, something that I failed to explain every time I talk about him.

Days passed, months went by and calendars changed, but our friendship remain unaltered.

I still remember that day, it was a dull Thursday and we were playing basketball in school. I asked him to pass the ball at me but he just couldn't look at me. He left the ball there, and stood there unmoved. Seconds later, he was on the court, lying and coughing hard. I went close to him, to help him get up but he just stayed there and coughed some more. Minutes later, I shouted for help, he was coughing out blood.

A month later, I discovered that he had blood cancer. He was in his third stage of the dreadful disease. I simply couldn't believe it. How could he, out of everyone have it? Why him?

I spent nights crying and days praying for his well being. I saw him getting weaker every day. I saw his mom and dad visiting every temple, every hospital, leaving no stone unturned.

The doctors had said it, that his days are countable. We all were shattered, broken and deeply sickened by the way of life. When all of us had lost hope, there was one person who had always kept smiling. And it was him, Shaurya.

Lying on the hospital bed for months, getting several chemo sessions done and taking numerable number of syringes, this guy`s faith didn`t alter. He believed in God before and he believed in God then as well.

It`s been close to year now, that he`s cancer-free or let's just put it in his words, “Cancer is now Shaurya free.” He never dreaded cancer, he never dreaded any evil force because he believed in God and more than anything, he believed in himself, his capabilities.

My best friend taught me how to live life, even when he was about to lose it. And it was then when I realized that no matter what a situation is, it is very important to have faith in oneself than getting succumbed to the life’s unexpected situations.