My Planned Ideal Yatra!

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Anyone who loves biking has at least once in his/her life planned a road trip to Ladakh. And some of them go for it. Being a bike enthusiast myself, I have planned Ladakh this summer. Ladakh Road Trip attracts thousands of bikers every year from all across the globe. It’s not just the beauty of the cold desert that gets so many visitors; it’s also the rough terrain that it has to offer. Ladakh is accessible from two ways; one is from Rohtang, and the other one is via Jammu. I have planned to go via Jammu & you can reach Jammu by taking any Domestic Airlines. Since it’s accessible almost all the summer and the roads are in a bit better condition.  I’ll be riding solo from Jammu on a two-stroke bike that is 22 years old (Yamaha RX100). The bike is older than me!

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Staying Out
Going by planned itinerary, the trip will end in a week. I won’t be staying at one place for longer than a day as I have a lot to cover in one week. I have bought tents, sleeping bags, and everything else needed to put out in the wild. In case I need the walled accommodation, I’ll prefer to stay at local’s house than staying at an online listed hotel.

The Budget
This is perhaps the most crucial part of the planned Ladakh trip. This being my first over a week bike trip and that too solo, I don’t have any idea about how much cash I’ll need. I have got most of the gear I’ll be needing for this trip, and so all that I need now is for food, accommodation(if needed) and of course the petrol. Petrol is going to cost a big chunk of money. I haven’t planned it out yet totally, but the total cost of food and petrol is going to be around Rs.13,000.

Things I’ll Need
There’s this big list of things that I’ll need for this trip, so I won’t be able to give out the complete list. I have already got a tent for two, a sleeping bag, and I am planning to buy a trekking bag, biking boots, biking protection gear, spare parts for bikes, some important medicines and a first aid box. Other things in the list include instant energy bars, Nestle Maggi packets, clothes – of all variety (woolen to cotton), riding googles, foot pump, puncture kit, etc. There’s this endless list of things that I’ll need, but I guess I have covered the most basic items that I or anybody else would need.

The Bike
Now coming to the bike, I’ll be riding solo on YamahaRX100. It’s a four-speed two stroke air cooled single cylinder bike that can give the power of 11BHP in stock condition. The bike is 21 years old, and I am 19, and we are planning to go hand in hand. This can be a journey of a lifetime. This RX100 is the first bike I ever rode, and this bike has always been in a lot of old family photographs. There are a lot of emotions connected to this bike.

Why Not the Bullet?
Well, that’s a very legitimate question. I also have Royal Enfield Classic 500 in Chrome color, and I could have chosen that too. Why didn’t I? Well, half of it has already been answered. Another reason for not choosing the Bullet could be, I have seen a lot of people doing it on a heavy motorcycle. The real challenge would be doing it on a 100cc, very old bike that still speaks to you.

This is my planned ideal yatra, let’s see what happens next. Waiting eagerly for the summers!


Airtel 4G- What all is it capable of doing?

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Over the last few weeks, we have seen advertisements of Airtel 4G doing the rounds all over the internet as well as our television sets. In the advertisement, it is shown that with the help of Airtel’s 4G network, we can browse the internet, stream videos, upload photo albums as well as download full- fledged movies in just a few minutes. With the promise of delivering such an unbelievably fast and reliable network to all its customers, Airtel is surely securing a spot ahead of all its competitors in the mobile operator industry.

So exactly what kind of speed can I expect from my Airtel 4G network?

Airtel’s 4G network is going to be the fastest wireless internet connection available across India and with the increase in the number of people who will be using Internet via Airtel 4G network simultaneously, there are sure- shot chances that the quality of speed can get affected to some extent, but looking at the quality of service being provided by the world’s third- largest mobile operator Airtel over all these years, we can surely believe that it will not deter the 4G experience to a large extent.

What all am I capable of doing using Airtel 4G network?

Airtel’s 4G network can be used in full force across both your workplace as well as on your home networks and below are some of the few operations which you can perform with such a fast internet connection available on your smart phone device:
1.       One of the most common reasons why we need internet connection on our mobile phones is to be able to access the internet while we are on the go. Airtel’s 4G network will provide you with unlimited internet access anywhere and everywhere that too with amazing high speed.
2.       With higher uplink as well as downlink speed provided along with the Airtel 4G network, we can upload as well as download files at a very fast speed. Just imagine how convenient it will be to upload large photo albums on facebook in just a few seconds!
3.       Now you can also enjoy high definition online gaming with the help of Airtel 4G network connection. Irrespective of the file size, the game will load on your mobile device in just a few seconds.
4.       Airtel’s 4G network will make it easy for you to access rich content present on the internet, such as high definition videos, movies, e- learning material, high definition information content and much more would be available to access anytime and anywhere.
5.       You will also be able to carry out multiple downloads of heavy files as well as HD multimedia content from the internet at the same time at a very fast speed.
6.       Stream online high definition videos with zero buffering required.


Asus ET2040IUK An All-in-One Experience

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The best thing about Asus products is the fact that they are so built for the local crowd. Today we are taking on ASUS All In One PC.

Would like to bring a fair review of the product!

The Sleek One!

People have never totally taken to utilizing a portable computer. This can come in handy at home, be it doing something simple written work assignments or working on a project involving CATIA or ANSYS sort of software's. Obviously, the cumbersome thing, the traditional desktop is not compact. Presently we take a gander at ASUS All in One PC ET2040. Comes with a 19.5 inch screen which is huge simply the way one needs it. At the same time, it is light, accompanies its clever stand, consumes scarcely any room on my packed workstation and can collapse away and conveyed along when need be.

The Reliable Factor!

If you have to be online for your work when be it long nights on FB or when doing your assignments the backup power comes in Handy. We are not based in a country where you can rely on the continuous power supply, right? Tales of stranded occasions when the power network simply closes down and there where a traditional desktop fails, this comes in really handy. That is the point at which one can revile the ASUS AiO. Presently, ASUS All in One PC ET2040 deals with it by giving a strong battery back up. How great is that! Presently, no more lost information particularly in the unpredictable Indian power circumstances.

Better multi-media!

This is such an awesome highlight for a tech savvy person who likes to module the smartphone and watch motion pictures on the extensive HD TV screen. You can utilize motions to control player settings, features, sounds and even skim the net. This is so eminent particularly for those times when we push one another to rewind or forward something without needing to get up from our cushy seats.

Speedier execution!

This PC is exceptionally quick, as it is controlled by the most recent Intel processors. In this way, one doesn't need to cutoff from his activities. Be it watching a film, play a feature, alter pictures and play melodies altogether without trading off on velocities. This is simply so ideal for an average utilization.

Superb integration:

The PC or smartphone is frequently used to charge various devices. Here the PC scores, as it charges your cell phones, tablets and so forth in a fraction of the time than different gadgets. This is on the grounds that it has 3 USB 3.0 ports.

So, one adore this ASUS All in One PC ET2040. It has such a variety of unprecedented highlights at an aggressive cost.

On the off-chance, that you haven't seen as of now, there is likewise the clever, smooth and ultra wonderful ASUS EeeBook X205TA that is a desktop on hormones. It is simply ideal for those times be it jolly facebooking or sad powerpoints for long hours. Anyone would love to possess both these great desktops from ASUS.


Simple things to make yourself Happy

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We always say home sweet home. This is a place where we can do anything with liberty according to our own lifestyle. Also being a part of your home affects us by all means of our life despite various types of moods thinking and routines. Some even develop anxiety by being too much alone or can have an impact on their mood by being at home. It’s actually everything under our control and hence we can optimize yourself to the surrounding of our home.

So let me tell you some very basic and simple thing that can help you achieve happiness by just changing your daily habits in life.

The first and simplest task is keeping your room tidy making your bed and keeping things in order. That will keep your mind clean and happy. Neatness brings calmness in mind. You can start this by making your bed and arranging the books that are major things of your house.

Another is being at your home and call up your friends or distant family members when you are bored at home. This technology thing will keep you connected and make you happy. But yes you should call them through voice or Cam. Texting and Emailing won’t work at all as it will simply look plain and will count nothing on your emotions.

Spending money that could benefit you or make you happy is another good thing. Make up some budget and buy anything that will make you happy for the time being or buy someone for one of the member of your family. You can even buy some good food or movie that could arrange a meeting with your family members and can cause group discussion that will make you happy at very good level.

Also you should do some small favours for housemates for free. That could count on your family member or even the housemaid or any other worker working. You can lift some help to them which will not only make happy to you but also make things easier for them. You can help with your siblings homework if you are free or help them sort out things or best is to motivate them when you see them in grieve and sadness. But yes a point to be noted is that you should not expect something in return from them yes that will bring happiness. When you do something good you feel good.

Before off to sleep there also another suggestion that you can do is set up some tasks that you have to do to keep yourself involved from the very first starting of the day thereby causing no anxiety and bringing happiness for the rest of the day and relaxation. 


A Ray of Hope

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All of us has some dark secrets, which we would never want to rip open in front of anyone. Not because they are bad or something forbidden, but because they have a sense of guilt and embarrassment attached to it. We wonder how people will react to it, thus creating several non-sensical situations in our head that are far from reality. We fear being judged, we fear condescending looks of criticism and we fear those smirky laughs. And hence, we spend years living a fearful life.

Let me come out the closet and confess something, I have failed my parents, I have failed my teachers, I have failed my friends and most importantly I have failed myself.

I faintly remember how it started. How everything slowly and calmly lead to destruction and fear. How my life changed upside down, how I was drowning in the ocean of loneliness and begged for a hand to lift me up. I remember how my quest for temporary happiness leads to almost permanent melancholic life.

It was around the time when I had gotten into the best college in Delhi for studying English Literature. Coming from a slightly unknown area of the country, I was finding it hard to settle and crave a place for myself. Life in Delhi started on a dull note, even though I was getting to do what I craved. I thought after a few days and maybe weeks almost I`d be fully settled in my new life, but life had other plans. It was only getting worse. I couldn`t be a part of the Delhi culture, it was getting hard for me to fit in. The much awaited college life was turning into a nightmare, dark and lonely.

And then, I did what I regret the most, I gave in.

It was getting tortuous not being able to fit in. And one night, I went to a pub with my flat mates, that`s where I lost it, my self-control and my sanity. Since everyone around me was trying drugs, I started too. But that`s wasn`t the end of it, in fact, it was the start of it.

Soon I couldn`t do without drugs anymore. I needed a dose every day. I started saving and when I ran out of money, I lied to my parents. I did everything that I wasn`t supposed to but why? Just to fit in? Guess what? I did fit in. But this is not I wanted now, I wanted only drugs.

Two years later my family discovered about my addiction. By then, I had lost everything I had, college, friends, career, family and myself. My parents, my only pillar of support, took me to a rehabilitation centre and got me treated.

I am not the same person anymore, I am an optimist now. I know how to stay up and fight for it and not give in to it. I thank God for bringing a day when my parents got to know about the changed me. A day that changed my life completely.

And whenever I look back, my mom says- “Let bygones be bygones.”