The accidental YouTube idol

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Similar to lots of hopeful artistes, the 19 years old Koh Xinyi, has been uploading her feats of songs by her most wanted bands as well as songsters on YouTube, from the time of 2007 in the alias “talktothewalls”. On the contrary the blend of a lovely voice, natural melodic flair and doe-like attributes still confirmed inadequate to introduce a music line of business for the final-year Business Studies student.

Her revolution hit when an aficionado, an Australian lady, hacked the site in August 2008 and also positioned one of Xinyi’s videos below the most watched segment.

She turned out be a YouTube famous person immediately due to her hits swiftly going up to the top position of largely watched video in India as well as 7th most watched video internationally in the approaching weeks.

The reputation has been awe-inspiring for Xinyi, with admirers deriving from the Philippines, Thailand, India as well as the US.

“There was this one time a guy followed me home and found out where I lived, rang up my doorbell and asked me to sign his guitar capo,” Xinyi states. Though, she is appreciative for her cohorts and also takes break to have an interaction with them through social networking places like Formspring as well as MySpace.

Xinyi looks forward to ultimately advance her education in music.
“I also intend to set up a small cafe or boutique with a stage for open microphone performances by local songwriters,” stated the passionate fan of music.

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