Frontal Concepts’, a corporation from Australia, has introduced its opening item which comes about to be a remarkably shaped wrist watch made for your iPod Nano 6G.

Frontal Concepts’ have cropped up with a wrist strap which does take advantage over other wrist bands introduced for iPod Nano 6G. This wrist strip has single clack fastening mode which maintains your digital watch in place even when you aren’t looking after it.

Frontal Concepts introduces eye-catching wrist band for iPod Nano 6G

A number of the noticeable attributes of Frontal Concepts’ wrist strip for iPod Nano 6G are:
•    Artistic mode that has been refined for immaculate splendor.
•    Sets up the iPod Nano 6G as it is designed for maximum comfort, efficiency and safety to assist the gadget’s wire keep analogous to your arm.
•    You don’t need to free your iPod Nano 6G from the wrist strip when you go to attach the similar to your PC.
•    Sets up your iPod Nano right away and upholds it safe and sound at its place.
•    Brings into play premium stainless steel, plastic plus silicone for never-ending stuff.
This wrist strip will charge you $24.95 USD. It is available in black, white and brown.

Let’s see the reaction of people toward this convenient and functional item!

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