Keeping nursing students in touch with iPod Touch

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In a particular ceremonial joining custom with technology, 118 UCLA School of Nursing scholars were lately covered in white coats, indicating their evolution from preclinical studies to medical health disciplines. And moreover in the pouch of those coats was a gizmo they'll be required to succeed in the present era’s medical health globe — an iPod Touch.

"The robing of each student with a white coat signifies their journey from the classroom to the clinical setting," stated Courtney Lyder, head of the nursing school. "At the same time, we want to make sure that we provide them with the tools to be successful and prepare them for 21st-century health care."

The white-coat formal procedure is a moderately latest customary experienced by a number of nursing schools. What is not a custom is the presentation of technology. The major objective of providing the students the Apple iPod Touch is to make better the education knowledge and to afford students with flexible entrĂ©e to the medical care–concerned matter they call for.

"To have this knowledge at our fingertips is a phenomenal gift we've been given with this device," stated Nathan Ball, a 3rd year Bachelor of Science undergraduate in nursing.

The gadget affords students with cell phone applications that provide them details they'll want in the classroom and also at the bedside, over and above they get an application to assist them get ready for the nursing board exams.

Though nursing applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch will not at all be an alternate for specialized nursing learning, know-how and the decision of the working nurse or scholar nurse, Lyder stated, "we are at a major crossroad in redefining nursing education and delivery of care."

"Taking care of patients is a tremendous responsibility," he stated. "While we still encourage the traditional methods of diagnosis, there is an overwhelming amount of medical information available. Providing each student with new technology for use at the bedside can only improve patient safety and the delivery of care.

"For example," he further said, "if a patient is concerned about interactions among multiple drugs, the Nursing Central app can quickly double-check the medications. Anything that improves health care ultimately helps patients."

Approval of wireless technology to discover means to perk up care is not latest to the UCLA School of Nursing. Lots of staff researchers at the school are discovering the prospective for wireless technology to make health better.

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