Kiwi Bluetooth Android Car Diagnostic Kit

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Android holders will love to know about this cool car gear. The Kiwi Bluetooth Android Car Diagnostic Kit links to the OBDII pin of your automobile and furthermore permits your Android phone to bring the info through Bluetooth from your automobile. There is however a power key to switch it off when you don’t want to utilize it.

Kiwi Bluetooth car diagnostic kit for android

It is blurred to me if it is power-driven from the port on your automobile, or calls for a battery. It is also told there are two app that can play part with the Kiwi in the Android market, but the name and charges are not mentioned. The device itself costs $99.95. Check out some terms:

Devoid of any wires links your auto to your Android cellular phone.

Two matching apps from the Android Market apply on Kiwi Bluetooth

Check: Fuel competence; verify engine problem ciphers, instantaneous estimates, horsepower and torque, and above.

Limit: 50 ft (Line of vision)

Power utilization: 0.7 Watts (including Power Knob)

Size: 2.75 x 1.25 x 0.6 inches

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