Latest Samsung 8GB DDR3 module uses 3D TSV tech

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The corporation declared its TSV tech is a solution to resolving the absurdity of driving worse power utilization in servers, whereas growing memory volume as well as getting better presentation.

Samsung stated the latest 8GB RDIMM using its 3D TSV tech keeps equal to 40% of power as weighed against a standard RDIMM. In addition, the TSV tech makes an allowance for a spectacular development in memory chip extent that is projected to equalize the reduction of memory holes in coming-generation server systems, the corporation declared.

samsung-memory DDR3 8GB

In spite of a 30% reduction in memory slits in coming-generation servers, Samsung reported its TSV tech can lift the DRAM intensity by above 50% making it extremely appealing for excessive-density, great-presentation server systems.

Samsung remarked that the latest memory unit has been effectively experienced by its most important clients.

"Our 40nm-class RDIMM being announced today marks the introduction of a more advanced eco-friendly Green Memory product lineup utilizing 3D-TSV technology that is expected to enhance the leadership of Samsung and our allies in server and enterprise storage," stated Chang-Hyun Kim, senior VP as well as Samsung member at Samsung.

Furthermore, Samsung sets up to fix the attributes of its TSV technology to 30nm-class as well as better procedure nodes. The corporation looks ahead to the general acceptance of 3D TSV tech to occur from 2012.

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