Dell Inspiron Zino HD

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The current world is the world of electronics, whether it is a mobile, internet or television. They have turned into necessities, rather being luxuries. As we see, there is no deficiency of mobiles models incorporating newer and newer features every day. Unfortunately, along with this advancement, also comes cell phone bugging devices and mobile hacking softwares. So consumer needs to be careful and stay up to date.

As for internet and television, people want both of them to mix together, so that they can surf internet and watch television at the same time. Different companies have produced such hubs, and one of them is the new Inspiron Zino HD from Dell. It is also called “PC meets TV”. It is like upgrading your television. Depending on the model, the cost ranges from $300 to $750. The advantages of this device in a nutshell are as follows:

· The model incorporates a blu-ray drive and has many enhanced graphics options. This lets you watch TV shows and blu-ray movies online.

· You can surf Internet and watch media files, on your TV.

· You can store your pictures, and what not as it comes with a hard drive of up to 1TB.

Different features of the device are as given below:

The size

Dell Inspiron Zino HD is very compact in size, and measures 8X8 inches. It fits easily at any corner of your home; and it is portable, that if you decide to change the place at some point, it does not give you any hard time.


The device has a fast quad-core processor. The performance is hard to believe with multimedia, games, applications etc.


The storage capacity is up to 1 TB. This ensures that you have no more problems to manage your pictures, videos etc. It also has two eSATA ports to connect to any external hard drive.

Provides with a smooth HD viewing. It has up to 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD.

There is 4 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI 1.3 connection, and a four-in-one media card reader. The wireless connectivity is 802.11n. With these features you can connect to the digital world in no time, of course with a working wireless network connection.

Streaming movies

Streaming movies is a child’s play with this device. As soon as you connect the Zino HD with your television, you can stream the movies and other shows that you want; and all this is done from the comfort of sitting at your rest chair or sofa.


As we saw above, the advantages of this device are numerous; however, it has some disadvantages too. The disadvantages of this device are that it has comparatively slow computing performance. It is also expensive when you compare it to the other living room PCS available.


If you happen to look for a compact PC that is window based and also has a blu-ray drive; and, has no complicated setups requirement, then Zino HD can be a good choice.

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