Guide on Blogging Contests

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The main motive of a blogger is to share its ideas and thoughts to its readers and also be famous in a much quicker way.But how far is the blog interesting until and unless it has good number of readers.

If you are a blogger and looking ways to increase your traffic, then why not have a blogging contest. It is simpler and fun. People like to win free prizes and why not create a buzz of excitement on your blog.

The more you promote about the blogging contest the more visitors you get. Go visit other sites and blogs to promote about the contest. Search Google to find such websites that announces blog contests. Another way can be through blog carnivals.

This way you can have more visitors and also create a brand loyalty among your existing readers. It is more interactive, competitive and not to mention there are free prizes.This will help you gather a huge number of followers through Facebook, twitter, blog feed, and also other social media networks.

Now let us discuss some essential steps that would be needed to attract the right kind of visitors.

>The contest should be related to something that can sell your product. Use keywords that can help people to easily find the blog and also when they tell their friends about it by means of social media, it will create keyword-enrich backlinks.

>The prize should be selected such that it makes the blogging contest successful. Make it more exciting, more interesting and try to relate the prize with the blog’s topic as it will bring more added value to the customers. Make sure to do some financial planning because if the prizes are not sponsored by any company then it is you who have to purchase it and also pay for the shipping cost if required.

>Never forget your existing customers. They are the one who know the true value of your blog. Decide the topic that would interest them more. This could create more competitive interaction.

>Always make sure that the instructions are clearly stated for the contest. There should not be any misunderstanding with the people about the instructions and rules.

>The purpose of having the contest is to have more visitors and also have some fun, so there should not be any cheating while selecting the winner.

>Do not restrict yourself to just local groups. Spread the idea around the globe. Have participant from different parts of the world.

>At last do not forget the losers!!!...thank them for participating by sending them a thank you note through email or by social media. Also let them know about your other blogs and keep them informed about your other future contests.

So i think you have understood how social media can be a great advantage in increasing the traffic for your blog. Be creative and you will get all through it. So what are you waiting for…go for it and let us know about it!!!

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  1. ikogsakanding // January 8, 2011 at 11:36 PM  

    Yeah.. making a contest from a blog drives more traffic... based on my experienced...

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