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Recession is the time when it becomes difficult for any business to survive. Take any industry whether it is an automobile, newspaper, hotel or any other industry, all have to suffer the pain during recession. But when it comes to SEO experts, they are the one who are very much stable during this time. The industry is affected but not as much as compared to any other industry wrenching in pain.

There are so many SEO experts who consider SEO job for a long run and why not if they can and are making money out of it and it is very much stable also.

Now the big question is what can be expected form SEO careers during recession?? It is obvious that SEO experts do get disappointments because most of their customers would be from the industry that is adversely affected from recession. But look at the brighter side, these experts are at least having some stable income to pay off their bills. They can look for new customers in other industries.

Considering the question of job security, SEO experts are very much secured because there are no layoffs. They are the boss themselves and do not have to worry about leaving the company at any point of time.

These experts have the right skill and talent. At such vulnerable times there are novices who enter into SEO career, but recession is not the right time. They do not have the right skill and expertise but still expect river of gold. Maybe some may get right but for others it can lead to disappointment.

Unlike any other careers SEO career is recession proof. There are many reasons as to why is it so.

>The first being that it is a well-established market. It is no more a new service and it has established more than it was couple of years ago.

>Companies during recession cut down their budgets to the lowest possible. SEO has already created the need for it in companies of any size. They help the company to stay on-board. So SEO are least preferred during the adjustments done in the budget by the companies.

>SEO is the best and the cheapest way to drive traffic for a company. It is cheaper than PPC which is very much expensive and most of the time companies go for SEO instead of PPC because it is very much effective. It is much better than the traditional methods which are much more costly than PPC or any other online promotion.

>Most of the companies go for SEO because it has more ROI (Return on Investment). The companies invest in SEO and in turn SEO provides return to the company which is much higher than the investment.

>During the time of recession clients go for aggressive SEO campaign in the attempt to get faster and better results.

If you are a professional and you can take the advantage of the above mentioned points about SEO being a recession-proof, then you will never have to taste the bitterness of the recession.

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