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I am going to talk about some things that could help you find a good employer and maybe get a long time relation with him. Usually it's hard to find people like these, but here are some guidelines for decideing if you've got one of them.


This is a very important factor, if the person who hires you is representing a company or if he is an individual.

Previous workers:

If you met him somewhere where you couldn't check feedback or testimonials, kindly ask him if you could get some email addresses of previous workers, so that you get in touch with them and see how they're relation was, the communication between them, etc.


Usually, individuals have a fixed budget for a project, so if he tells you that he has 500$ to spend, he won't go over it … well, not that easely (maybe if you offer him another project, he will).

If it's a company, then kindly bring to their attention that they're project may go over the specified budget, depending on special requests they could have.


Discuss with them that you won't provide any of the source code until you get the amount discusses, at the discussed date.


This is important for communicating messages, problems, errors and modifications to the project. You need to know what timezone does your employer have, so you know when to find him online and discuss matters.

Details about the systems:

You will need to know for what systems is the application targetted to (if it's an application). You can't develop an application in Python/Perl (usually for linux) and then send it to him, if he runs a Windows system (him and his users).

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  1. Part Time Jobs in Brisbane // November 3, 2011 at 7:45 PM  

    All you've said was right. I think timezone is the most important thing. Being punctual is a big points to the employer.

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