Best 7 free iPhone apps

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iPhone is a buzzing word in the US mobile market, and Apple’s iTunes store has been reckoned worldwide as one of the best application store amongst the various mobile brands.

There are many businesses creating their own apps. A used car search and database are the most recent app made available for free on iTunes. If you are looking for a cheap second hand car then check out this new application by

Here, we look at a number of various applications that are free, interesting and can make you addictive.Best 7 Free iPhone applications

1. Facebook

This is called as the king of social networking applications that allows managing the Facebook account and checking upon the friends with this application. This is easy and a free application for keeping in touch with your friends and others. You can update your status message, know about your friend’s status and much more.
Download: Facebook

2. Google Mobile App

This is an interface that brings the search engine right into the convenience of your pocket, and has one touch access to many of your other Google products as well, like Google calendar, email and maps. What’s more is that this is compatible for allowing searching the web by using voice search technology. You can get at no cost and are one of the most useful applications that you can find in the iTunes store.
Download: Google Mobile App

3. Flixster

Now you can watch your favorite movie on your iPhone by registering for a Flixster account and streamline movies to the convenience of your mobile phone. Using this account you could do many things like watch trailers, read reviews and learn more about the movie before you step into the theater.
Download: Flixster

4. Google Earth

Now you have the globe onto your small palm with Google Earth coming as a free iPhone application. Using this application will help you to browse the entire surface of the earth in the palm of your hand. These will also composite images over a sphere to create a browseable model of the planet. You will find this application, and mind you, that you are sure to get addicted in using this application when travelling places, and also remember this has got nothing to do with GPS navigation. This application will tell you more about the places you want like cultural information to location information.
Download: Google Earth

5. Skype

Nothing more is much cheaper than bringing internet calling down to your phone and for this, you need to download the application Skype on to your iPhone, and be happy this application now comes at no cost. You can access your Skype account and make calls to Skype and other mobile and landline numbers using Skype as you will do so on your PC or laptop.
Download: Skype

6. The Weather Channel

This is one of the most useful applications that keeps you update of the latest weather information. Using this application, you can keep yourself cool and update yourself with a wide range of weather information including that of storms well ahead in time.
Download: The Weather Channel

7. Pandora

Well, if you are a radio kind of person, then you have a customizable application that can stream radio to your iPhone suiting your needs and tastes. All you need to do is download this application and choose your favorite stations.
Download: Pandora

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