Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone - Review

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Now I understand why people were raving so much about the first 4G Nexus phone! This smart phone brings in a lot of attitude to the world of technology. The Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone’s 4” premium touch screen works best for me as a student since I enjoy watching movies and reading e-books during my free time.

I love the screen technology and screen design used because it brings out the amazing and rich colors from my movies even during daylight! And the best thing about this is that more and more applications are being developed by Samsung for everyone. Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone The 5-Megapixel camera has both a rear and front-facing lens that takes really good photos perfect for sharing in my favourite social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter made accessible by the ready wifi-connectivity feature it also has! And the flash eliminates the problem of night time photo taking and its auto focus feature allows you to take good photos of moving or non-still subjects. The camera is actually my most favourite perk for this phone!

I’ve enjoyed using it during concerts, school sports festivals, beach outings and even during normal lazy days with my friends in the mall or in school. And since, this cellphone takes really good photos, the 16GB internal memory came in really handy for me! Sharing my files with friends has been made easier too because of its fast Bluetooth feature.

I wish they had a larger color selection though since they only have black and silver. However, the color choices actually show that the Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone is more suited for young techy professionals. Another favourite I have for this phone is because it is extremely light even if it is filled with such a great number of features!

Smart phones are expected to be more expensive compared to normal cellphones, however these phones are trending so much that people tend to overlook the price range and focus more on the features offered by the phone.

Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone may be really that affordable but it definitely is worth every penny you pay. Go get yourself one now!

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