Top Android Tablets on the Market

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Many believe that iPad makes the rule holds on the tablet PC market, in terms of utility. Fortunately for us, opinions are divided. It seems that the tablets using Android as operating system are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Preserving our right to be impartial, we will decide on the tablets now. Although some have 10-inch screen other 7, others have more RAM or look better, they all have one common feature - Android.

Without too much talk, people from TechRadar placed first in this top of tablet PC, Asus Eee Pad Tansformer. This tablet is not only well planned, technically speaking, but its great advantage is that it can compete with any other netbook on the market, considering that I can attach a dock with a physical keyboard on it.clip_image002In second place was Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. If the above Transformer offers something in addition to other gadgets in its class, the great advantage of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is that is the main competitor of the iPad. This has a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and is also thinner and lighter than the iPad 2.

Motorola Xoom occupies the third place on the podium and is among the first tablet PCs that came on the shelves and was built in the Honeycomb operating system. Although this gadget is more than attractive, Xoom has a small (or large) defect: the price - is too expensive. Reaching about $950, while the Transformer without keyboard is somewhere in $650 - $700. Passing over this, the tablet worth it! The design is a very good, its performance also, has a decent battery life. If the price would drop, it could become a fearsome rival to the iPad.

The fourth place is occupied by LG Optimus Pad, which is the first tablet in the world that decided to start "playing" with 3D technology. This Tablet PC has two 5 megapixel cameras that shoots while you can play video and 3D images. The problem is that the screen is not 3D, so if you want to see your "production" to the highest quality you will have to connect it to a 3D TV. If you are big fan of 3D format and you cannot expect a new wave of innovation, then this is the tablet you have to choose.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 is the last in this Top 5. Iconia from Acer, besides looking good, offers the same performance as the tablets mentioned above, which deserve to be appreciated. Iconia uses the same dual-core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 at 1 GHz as Motorola Xoom and both weigh exactly 730 grams. Have even the same size - 10.1 inches. Both have 32 GB of internal memory and supports Micro SD cards up to 64GB. And even if it's not quite stylish as Galaxy Tab 10.1, does not offer anything less than Transformer without the keyboard.

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