5 Free Utilities to Speed up your PC

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A computer is a very serious investment, and one that needs to be protected. Whether someone is a student or a businessperson, having a nice, speedy, computer is absolutely vital. However, alas, there are many, many threats to a computers speed out there. While there are programs that help to protect a computer these programs, of course, are extremely expensive. Thankfully, however, there are also many, professional-grade, programs that help to speed up and protect a computer for free. These will be examined below. Speed Up Your PC

Microsoft Security Essentials

Spyware is probably one of the biggest threats that a Windows computer faces. Spyware, in a nutshell, is software that that tracks a person's visited websites and can, in the worst case, steal personal data. Therefore, it not only slows down your computer, it can lead to loss of important information. To protect against this, there is Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a free program that automatically, and manually should you wish it, scans your computer for spyware and removes it. It also updated automatically so that a computer always has the best protection possible.


A big issue that slows down Windows computers is registry errors. These are issues that are caused through faulty updates or incorrectly removed programs. These, over time, can slow a computer down to a crawl. The free software, CCleaner, is specifically built to combat this. This program scans a computer and finds any registry errors or issues. Once found, it allows a user to fix them in short order.

Glary Utilities

Glary utilities are user-friendly free software that is quite powerful. It has several tools to speed up a slow computer like disc-cleanup and registry cleaner. One of the best things that it has, however, is a startup manager. How that works, in short, is that many programs start up when a computer starts up. This can slow a computer down as it has to bring every single one of these programs up every time it starts up. Glary Utilities allows a user to keep programs from starting up automatically which really improves computer speed.


Another good example of free software is SlimCleaner. This software automatically scans a computer for errors and fixes them for maximum optimization. Much like the other software mentioned, it automatically updates to keep a computer running safely and reliably.


TweakNow is another comprehensive suite of software that helps to speed up a computer. It has a registry cleaner and a startup manager and a large amount of other tools available. This software can be used by both professionals and amateurs as it has the right tools for both.
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