Smart phones boast hundreds of options that increase productivity and make your life simpler. One of the most practical uses is to print documents, photos and other files directly from your phone. You don't have to worry about logging on to your PC to get a quick print out. When you travel, you can carry less technology with you, knowing your smart phone can print out the documents it stores or access files over the internet on its own.

Know what options are available and chose the best one for your phone and lifestyle. Keep in mind the following six tips on which applications to use and how to print at the quality you want to ensure you always get the exact print job you want.

6 Tips for Printing From Your Smart Phone

Understand Your Printing Options

1. Print Using a USB Cable

Nearly all phones and printers have USB ports. Check to see if your technology has this option. If so, purchase a readily available USB cable and carry it with you so that you can quickly print anywhere, whether you are connected to a wireless printer network or not. This is the option to follow when using printers in unusual or public places, away from the office or your home.

2. Use the iPrint Application

Your phone can use the iPrint application with any local, wireless printer. Download the free app from iTunes App Store for an Apple smart phone, from Microsoft Marketplace for a Microsoft Mobile, from Nokia Ovi Store for a Nokia, or from Android Market for an Android. Future printing will be as simple as selecting the document or photo to print, then pressing Print and choosing which printer to use and retrieving the printed document from the printer. The compatible file types are pdf, .txt, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp and wmf.

3. Print with the Cortado Workplace

BlackBerry and iPhones can use this free app from ThinPrint AG. E-mail, e-mail attachments, computer files and photos of documents can be stored in your company’s cloud server. Smart phones access them and print directly to a printer that is on a local wireless network. Download the app and enjoy printing from your home, office or any place with a networked printer.

4. Use Google Cloud Print

If you have a Google account, printing with Cloud Print is an ideal option. Download the Cloud Print app from Android Market. Once your printer and smart phone are set up, printing from the default printer is as simple as selecting a file and selecting Print. Changing to a different printer is also simple. Click Configure and select the printer to use on this print job. As long as Cloud Print is set up on that printer under your Chrome account, you'll be able to print from your phone.

Be Prepared To Print

5. Set Up The Printer

Knowing your printer is just as important as having the right application on your smart phone. Every app requires some connection to be set up with your printer or printing network. Set up the printers you wish to use as soon as you get the app so you can start printing right away. Procrastination is the enemy of productivity.

6. Printing Quality Photos

If you want to print photos from your smart phone make sure the photo quality is sufficient for the desired size. A 4x6 photo needs to be 2 megapixels in size to not appear pixelated. Set the photo quality before you take pictures so that if you decide to print them, you'll get satisfactory results. Many inkjet printers are capable of printing on photo paper, which will also add to the quality and enjoyment of photos taken with and printed from your smart phone.

Enjoy the ease of printing from your smart phone, no matter which app you decide works best for you. Print from your home, the office, at school, at the library, at a friends house or while traveling. Prepare ahead of time so that you can print what you need to print right when you need it, from files on the internet to photos you took thirty seconds ago. Printing has never been so easy.

Author Bio : James has been working with printer ink cartridges, so he knows all the intricate details of things like HP printer cartridges. He also spends a lot of time blogging, reading tech articles and trawling the internet.

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