Smartphone's can do so much these days, and it’s great that they do, as it makes life on the move much easier to cope with and it saves you carrying extra devices such as laptops, mp3 player, camera, satellite navigation etc.

Unfortunately, with great power comes massive battery drainage. As a rule, if you fully charge your phone at 8am it’ll be ready to be plugged in again by the end of the day.

Best ways to improve your smartphone battery life

So how can you make your phone last a little longer?

Power saving mode

Most phones will have a power saving mode which will reduce screen timeout, turn off vibration, disable home screen animations and lower screen brightness. If you are not already using this feature, you should.


Chances are, you rarely use this, so turn it off – Bluetooth is a big power drain that you don’t need. You can usually toggle it back on when you do need it anyway.


Having WiFi on when you are not actually connected wastes energy. So again, toggle it on when you need it and turn it back off when you are out and about to save it from constantly scanning for signal.

Vibrate or Ring

Vibrating and ringing at the same time is pointless, so make sure you set your phone to do one or the other – use profiles to toggle from one mode to another without wasting energy on both.


Just like Bluetooth, GPS is a big waste, and most people almost never actually use it. If you ever want to use your sat nav, or maps you can toggle it on in a few seconds. So make sure it is switched off any time you don’t need it.


3G is great for browsing, but for emails, which are generally downloaded in the background, why not switch down to 2G – it uses less energy and you won’t notice the difference anyway.

Plane Mode

If you happen to be somewhere where you have no signal, or if you are not going to be looking at your phone anyway (say in a meeting), you might as well put your phone in Airplane mode – it’ll save a whole load of battery and barely takes a moment to toggle on/off.

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