Android Vs iPhone

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Most comparisons of the iPhone and Android are based off of biased opinions. Many people favor the phone of their choice without taking into consideration technical aspects and statistics. Here is a list of features with both phones and which phone comes out on top for those features.

Android Vs iPhone


As of now, the android phones only have around 70,000 apps and the iPhone has an extensive library with over 230,000 apps.
Winner – iPhone

Battery life

With the iPhone, there is no possible way to remove the battery. You must take your phone to an Apple store to replace dead batteries. Android phones have removable battery packs, allowing owners to carry extra batteries in case of emergency.
Winner - Android


Android phones have a global notification system, meaning that owners get notifications for virtually every key feature on their phone. Moreover, it is easy to access these notifications, erase them and understand the layout. iPhone, on the other hand, has a push notification system and you have to access notifications individually, making it tedious for popular owners.
Winner - Android


Android service providers make it very easy to jailbreak android phones. iPhone owners must jailbreak their phones themselves, and many iPhones don't ever wake up after the modification. Foreigners have an easier time with android phones when returning to their home.
Winner - Android

Internal memory

Android phones come with very limited internal memory. Moreover, overloading android phones with large apps can greatly slow down the phone's performance. iPhones have a lot of internal memory space, and users can choose the size of the internal memory upon purchasing the phone.
Winner - iPhone

External memory

Android phones support SD cards for external memory, but many people report loss of data and memory crashes, making it a very unreliable source for storage. iPhones do not support any external memory, though many owners do not complain because of the iPhones massive internal memory storage.
Winner - Tie


Android breaks mail apps into smaller groups with the gmail account being the primary focus. All the other mail apps seem low quality in comparison. iPhones manage mail with just one account, making things easy to sort.
Winner - iPhone


Android phones have an inconsistent text editing system. It basically depends on the app being used, and some apps don't allow any auto correcting feature. Moreover, the touch screen android phones sometimes have problems recognizing certain strokes. iphones, have a quality text editing feature that is very consistent.
Winner - iPhone

File transfers

iPhones still make it very hard to sync and transfer files, forcing owners to keep separate folders on laptop computers to sync and transfer files. Androids offer a plug-and-transfer system, making it as easy as transferring files from an external storage system.
Winner - Android

Hardware design and functions

Android phones have one common problem: The back button and home button sometimes don't work. The system tends to overload with many running apps and crash on the user. iPhones are very straight forward. It has one simple button and the menu and back button always do what they imply.
Winner - iPhone

Charging system

iPhones only allow for its type of charger. Androids have a USB charging system, which makes it very easy to charge. Moreover, it is easy to find conversion cables to charge android phones up to different types of energy sources.
Winner - Android


From these comparisons, people should be able to choose what is in their top priority when choosing a phone. Moreover, you should consider the fact that Apple allows for one OS upgrade before a new version launches. Androids do not support any upgrades -- users must purchase new versions.

Author Bio : Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the technology, travel, and finance industries for three years. In order to maintain her busy schedule, Nicole recently purchased a small business phone to sync her office and mobile phone together. Now she never misses a call whenever she travels or is away from the office.

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  1. Generic Facts // September 17, 2011 at 8:48 AM  

    ANOTHER BIASED article by an iPhone Cool Aid drinker.

    This is a rehash of the same BIASED article but it has tone down the EXTERNAL MEMORY from (the iPhone winning) to now a TIE. Hey BIAS Author I have a question. Let say you are ridding in a bicycle and you slip fall and your phone gets cracked in half (literary) how reliable is that memory? Oh wait you cant get %$&* out of it. But the Android person can just take their SD card and put it in another phone and it is like nothing happened. How is that a TIE. And are you getting this people's card get screwed up from "Apple Fan Boy Magazine"? External memory is external memory (you don't like it, need it, is not reliable, it is easy to forget, it is expensive, whatever) if you don;t have it you LOSE if you have it YOU WIN. PERIOD. I can have 1 TERA BYTE of memory available on an Android or Blackberry phone. One of (many) reason the company I work for does NOT support iPhones.

    Oh what is the model of iPhone with Keyboard?
    Or the one with 3D display? Or the one with dual core? Or the one multiple external buttons? Or the one with external memory? Or the one with replaceable battery? Or the one in Purple? Or the one is smaller so I can fit it ___? The one made of recycled materials? Or the one with 4G? Oh thats right you either like the one that Steve Jobs says you will like or #&^% you!


    I can bet the author owns an iPhone.

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