LG Optimus V

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Being a new smart phone user, I am really grateful that I chose this phone as my first because I can navigate it easily and understand the way it works without having to pore over its manual. LG Optimus V is a common android phone that has the Skype text-entry method as its strongest feature. clip_image002Unlike other touch screen phones wherein you’d have to tap each key, it allows you to just glide over the keyboard to key-in characters. A common problem for first time touch screen users is the keyboard, which is addressed by this phone.

Another edge it has over other smart phones is that it uses the Android 2.2 OS which features dozens of favorite applications. This is a good thing since you would be able to use a lot of the applications created by a number of creators because the operating system used is the most common for smart phones.

I have friends who have a hard time finding really cool applications for their phones because of the compatibility of the applications with their phone’s OS. I’m glad that I’m not having the same problem with LG Optimus V.

Though, the phone comes in with a built-in 2GB microSD on top of its 160MB phone memory, common complaints have been voiced out about the phone having a very low memory compared to other models. And if other phones have been working toward the goal of making their phone product slim and light to promote convenience for handy phones, LG Optimus V chose to ignore this trending feature resulting to an unusually heavy and thick smart phone. The phone is actually heavier and thicker than the usual smart phone.

The camera specs are not very impressive as well. It only has a 3.2 MP capacity but with an auto-focus feature that is extremely useful for capturing moving activities.  The pre-installed software for popular social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with the photo editing feature actually helps in doing away the trouble of having to download everything myself.

The LG Optimus V may not be the most impressive phone released by the brand but it’s still one of LG’s popular and most-used phone.

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