Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Ace was much awaited for by many when it was brought to the market early 2011. Many critics argue that the mobile phone can be likened to an expensive Smartphone with more features. Android 2.2 Froyo is one of the features that came with this new Samsung mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Design, Display and UI
This mobile phone definitely feels very well designed and a lot has been poured into its physical outlook. Interchangeable covers are one of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, having two separate covers, one black and one white. The two covers strikingly seem to have different characteristics with the white one appearing to be more plastic and the black one tending to have a more rubber-like feeling to it.

Some of the free features that come with the Samsung Galaxy Ace include an inbuilt FM Radio, WiFi and a microSC card slot. This mobile device also has Bluetooth 2.1 and exciting features in comparison to the other Samsung Galaxy models.

One of the weak points of the Samsung Galaxy Ace when it comes to its camera is the fact that it cannot take pictures in HD. Critics also argue that the video quality produced by this phone is not particularly the best but also beg to agree on the fact that the price could have played a role in the designing of a less than standard video camera. The five megapixel version comes with a 2x digital zoom and can record magnificently on a 320 x 240 resolution.
Without a doubt, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is good but there is no disputing that a bit more could have been done to enhance its capacity. It does produce good picture and video qualities but fails to bring out a much higher expectation as was expected in comparison to previous Samsung Galaxy phones.

It is agreeable that the Samsung Galaxy Ace did meet the expectations of many a mobile phone enthusiasts. The physical feel of the phone combined by the new features instilled make it a brilliant phone for the modern person who uses mobile phones on a regular basis. Apart from a few features here and there, which will definitely be looked into while coming up with the next version of the Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is a good option of a mobile phone to purchase.

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