Top 10 Hacks in Computer History

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Hacking as we know it began as early as 1932 when Marian Rejewski, HenrykZygalski, and Jerzy Rozycki broke the code for the Enigma machine. However, not until the 1980s did it become the dubious art form practiced by computer experts and teenage nerds today.Hacks In Computer History

Listed below are the top ten examples of computer hacking of the last three decades.

1. Fred Cohen in 1983, created the first computer virus and proved that no one algorithm could be used to detect all potential viruses. He used his compression virus to increase computer memory.

2. Robert Morris created the first computer worm. Though he too claimed that he had a positive goal in mind, he carefully disguised the fact that the worm was developed at Cornell where he was a student. Intended or not, the worm caused about 6000 computers to crash.

3. Kevin Poulsen used his skills to obtain a new Porsche. He hacked into the Los Angeles phone system to ensure he was the correct caller to win the car in a radio contest.

4. Vladimir Levin helped himself to Citibank accounts in 1994. He created wire transfers of $10 million to banks outside the country. Though there is some question about how much he really was involved in the technology of the scheme, he was sentenced to three years in prison.  $400,000 of the money was never recovered.

5. Kevin Mitnick, began his career at age 12 obtaining free bus passes and had graduated to breaking into Digital Equipment Corporation's computers by the time he was 16. He managed to hack into Motorola, NEC, Nokia, and Sun Systems among others, before serving a five year prison sentence and opening his own computer security firm. 

6. The Melissa Worm, created in 1999 by David Smith, spread wildly through mass emails on infected computers, overloading servers and deleting files.

7. The ILOVEYOU worm in 2000, began as an email attachment. When opened, a copy was sent to every address in the recipients file. The worm caused over $5 billion dollars damage and forced email shutdowns in corporations and government agencies including the Pentagon and the British Parliament.

8. U.S military computers were the targets beginning in February of 2001. Over 13 month, files were deleted, data and passwords stolen, and computers networks shut down including 300 computers needed in the aftermath of 9/11. Accused hacker Gary McKinnon claims to have been searching for UFO secrets.

9. The New York Times was hacked in 2003. Analyst Adrian Lamo also hacked Microsoft and Yahoo! Before his arrest in 2004

10. Recently, security consultant John Schiefer created his own "spybots" to access computer financial transactions.He obtained, then used or sold usernames and passwords to paypal and other bank accounts. 

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