5 Paid & Free iPad Apps for Health

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Apple has so many paid and free apps for all of the devices they offer, including iPhone, iPod Touch, and the new iPad. Gaming apps are undoubtedly amongst some of the most downloaded apps, but there is a new category that is garnering a lot of popularity, especially among more lifestyle aware audiences, who want apps on the subjects of medicine, healthcare, and fitness.

iPad Apps

The iTunes App Store currently has over 5389 medical apps for the iPad. A growing number of these apps allow individuals to keep track of their personal health and wellness. The iPad's large screen and touch capabilities provide a colourful, interactive, but simple way to monitor and count calories, chart blood pressure over a period of time, and/or look up the possible causes for any unsettling illness or symptoms. These apps have offered such ease of use and a convenient go-to resource for both patients and healthcare practitioners. Stanford University School of Medicine has even integrated iPads into their curriculum because of apps that can potentially replace paper charts.

Top 5 Apps for Health

1. The Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker doesn’t actually track your blood pressure, but rather takes the blood pressure rates you may have received at the doctor's office or a pharmacy and compares those rates to where they should be, giving you an indication of whether you need a lifestyle change or not.

Price: $4.99

2.WebMD for iPad is the quintessential symptom checker but this app also provides a guide for medical emergencies, a pill identification tool, an extensive database on different drugs and supplements, and also the listings for hospitals, pharmacies, and physicians.


3.Dental clinic is an app that provides patients with a guide to understanding the different aspects of dentistry and any of the procedures involved. The app also includes a FAQ section, which is monitored by Dr. Marc Lazare, a NYC Cosmetic and General Dentist and offers a plethora of information on smile improvement, preventing gum disease, how to respond in dental emergencies, how to keep dental costs down, and so much more.

Price: $3.99

4.MyNetDiary is a food and exercise journal that allows the user to keep track of all they food they eat along with any exercises.

Price: Free

5.KidsCheckup was designed by paediatric experts and is a reference guide that gives descriptions of medical treatments for children. Even offers a "What Do I Do?" section that provides a list of symptoms and the accompanying solutions. A great resource for parents.

Price: $1.99

Author Bio : Becky is an online writer, with a keen interest in health and lifestyle. If you would like more top tips on subjects ranging from gum disease and hair care secrets, visit her Twitter Page FreshHealth11

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