Blackberry Torch 9850 - Review

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Though this version has been made available only online before 2-3 month, a lot of people have already been lining up to experience the newest version of Blackberry. Good thing the developer created a simulator for people to appreciate the improvements that this model had over the old ones.

Blackberry Torch 9850

Blackberry Torch 9850 boasts with the chance to explore the RIM’s Blackberry Operating System 7 (the last version being the OS 6.1). This will give you a more improved and faster performance from your phone. The keyboard layout it has as well is one of my most favorite in this model. The browser has stopped giving me problems and has even provided me with an even richer feature. Shying away from the previous models’ signature look, the Blackberry Torch 9850 features a very professional-looking vibe that is perfect for a sales executive like myself.

The earlier versions were more recommended for students. Its capacity to read office documents like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, etc is a definite plus for business people. This would also improve the Blackberry’s key function: Emails. The classic black coloured model is very popular among business men because it is both aesthetically satisfying and helpful in strategizing business plans. Its wide screen is also a favourite since it gives you more room for a better web browsing experience compared to old Blackberry models that had really small screens.

The touch screen feature in this model is actually preferred by some blackberry users because they want to do away with the troublesome joystick that was navigating key in the old models. A lot of non-Blackberry users wouldn’t understand why Blackberry Torch 9850 is one of the most awaited cellphone models release for the year. They would probably have to experience the satisfaction and convenience of having this model as one of their phones.

For the meantime, everyone should definitely be a part of the Blackberry Torch 9850 online soft opening for advanced orders. Though one of the most expensive models for the year, I think there will still be a lot of people who will be lining up, excited to experience the beauty of a Blackberry phone once again.

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