After keeping the world in suspense for quite some time, Apple has introduced a brand new member to its family of iPhone, the iPhone 4. Equipped with the latest technologies, this gadget is truly a delight to use. New features such as video conferencing, retina display, multitasking and HD video recording is making the iPhone 4 a must use. The video conferencing, introduced in iPhone 4 has made the dream of many a people into reality. Named as FaceTime, this new feature allows you to video conference across the globe by just a tap of the button. You can now see your loved ones, moving talking and walking at any part of the world through a video conferencing from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, iPad 2, the new iPod touch or Mac, through Wi-Fi. Read on to know about how to do the video conferencing in details.


The best thing perhaps, about FaceTime is that you don’t need to set up any special screen name or an account. Also, using this application is quite easy and would require no extreme technological knowledge. Whoever you want to video conference with, just find the number in your contacts list and then tap the FaceTime button. If you are already on a call with someone and you want to switch it to a video conferencing mode, then you just have to tap the button of FaceTime on screen. This can be done when you are talking from an iPhone to an iPhone. In both the cases an invitation will pop up in the screen of the other person asking whether he would like to start a video call. Once he accepts the invitation, both of you are ready to talk while observing each other. The application works for both landscape and portrait modes.

The iPhone 4 has a LED flash, a front camera and a back camera that makes this video calling process smooth. Of the two cameras, one is on the front and above the display and one at the back located next to the LED flash. The front camera has been tuned for FaceTime keeping in perspective the right field of view and focal length so that it gives a clear picture of the surroundings when you focus on your face at an arm’s length. Thus it will present you in the best possible light and make the other person get a clear picture.

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