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With a variety of features and competent technologies, these are some of the best mobile phones which are available in the market. In today’s world, it is difficult to expect a life without the existence of mobile phones and if you have not grabbed some of these, it does not hurt to read the about the features that are incorporated in some of these devices. The advancement of technology which is reflected in some of these equipments is a treat to watch and use. The prices of the latest mobiles may not make them affordable for all but they may just be perfect for the people who are tech struck or those who are better known as geeks.

1.Google Nexus S

The Google Nexus S is a revelation and a phenomenon in the world of mobile phones which is offered by Samsung to the clients who are not only interested to have the best stuff in the market but also the latest. Comprising of the latest android software 2.3 Gingerbread, this is one of the latest devices which are available in the market. It is one of those devices which have managed to create a sensation in the world of mobile phones.

Google Nexus S Price- In India

With the inclusion of a Flash Player 10.1, it is one of those mobile phones which is also meant for the ones with fat pockets. It has got a super AMOLED screen and the only place of hitch is the fact that it has not been well accepted by the BBC i player. The fast browser has not only able to provide it with a technological advancement but also provided it with a look which is appealing and versatile. It is loaded with features such as GPS and Wi – Fi and the new appearance will probably allow the screen to absorb less power thereby providing an extended life to the batteries

2.HTC Legend

This is again one of those devices which may not look very attractive but one of the latest sensations in the world of mobile phones. The features and the specifications are varied with the presence of an AMOLED screen. Particularly, the size of the HTC legend makes it a perfect device which will suitably fit into all kind of pockets.

HTC Legend

The resolution which is measuring around 320*480 pixel makes it a smart device . The speed of HTC Legend is fast enough with a 600MHz processor and a 384MB of RAM. The changes in the menu can be carried out and the feeling is almost like that of a feather and the response that we get every time while holding the phone to receive a call is amazing.

3. HTC Desire

This is the last of the series of latest mobile phones that have captivated the market.

HTC Desire

With the most sensual look, it is one the mobile phones loaded with the Snapdragon processor which measures to a size of 1GHz. This is said to be one of those phones with convenient buttons and very handy for the consumer to use.

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