The countries like US, UK and Australia are very lucky because they have devices which support Long Term Evolution or LTE networks. There are only few phones in the market which have this super amazing technology. LTE phones are very fast when it comes to transmitting data and not all the developed countries in the world supports this magnanimous technology, even a country like Japan doesn’t have a device which could support LTE network. But this was all history as Japan’s leading service provider NTT DoCoMo has launched the LTE version of Samsung Galaxy S 2.


The news might be quite shocking for all of us, the news that a country like Japan which has a well established network of mobiles didn’t have a LTE supporting device! Remember companies like Sony, Toyota and Nippon hail from Japan! The NTT DoCoMo has confirmed this news. Surprisingly Japan has the LTE technology from a year ago but it didn’t have any device which could support it but now as the LTE enabled device is available, Japan will soon be in the list of the countries which have LTE supported devices.

The price at which NIT DoCoMo has placed the phone is expectedly low, its ¥20,000 ($258). If anyone, who is from Japan, wants this phone he/she can simply go to the NIT DoCoMo store and grab the device.

Author Bio: Vikas Bhatt is a blogger who blogs at various Technology blogs and sites. Apart from this he likes doing Mobile phone comparison.

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