3 Camera Apps for Honeycomb

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When you speak regarding photography with respect to tablet PCs, which are not professional when compared to cameras, you may not get the quality expected with the tablet PCs and are not worth enough. Here, we will cover the top 3 camera apps for Honeycomb. If you are using either Smartphone or Tablet PC with Honeycomb OS loaded in it, then this is the post that you must be searching for in order to enhance your photographic activities using your device.

If you also try Raising Your FICO Score before using any of these 3 camera apps for Honeycomb. Generally most of the people tend to compare the camera of these Smartphone's or Tablets with dedicated SLR or Digital Cameras. Generally we’ll be having additional lens, straps, more options, and also we’ll have huge scope to upgrade our camera as well. For example, if you are looking for your camera strap upgrade, there are certainly many possible options available from which we need to select the best camera strap upgrade possible. In case of Smartphone or Tablet PCs the options will be minimum but still they are wrathful for their activities. This list of 3 apps for honeycomb Android tablet devices is not listed according to the rankings and ratings.

#1. Photon 3D Panorama- Honeycomb Customized Camera APP

If you have an Asus Transformer in your way, you may feel happy to know that this particular app is specially designed for you. It is also compatible with the other tablets that sport Android 3.1 and users are allowed to take complete panoramic photos.
Photaf also works on other Android devices like Honeycomb running on 2.1 or other newer versions that offer additional options on your camera. This application is particularly handy if your device has panoramic mode.
photaf 3d panorama android apps
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#2. Light Box Photos

Lightbox Photos is a free popular camera app that is known asconnected camera” app. By using this, you can also sync the Honeycomb tablet that instantly shares the photos.

One can also find cool photo news feed that features automatic syncs recently added to the photos of your friends from Twitter and Facebook directly to your tablet device.
Lightbox android apps
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#3. Magic hour Camera

You can turn ordinary photos into surprising ones with new Magic Hour Camera app. The application is simple and plain, and this camera is just cool. It has got oodles of exciting and cool features. With this application, you will get 40 amazing filters that you can use.
You can also touch few things like curves, brightness levels, and many more. You will also enjoy 23 different textures that are offered.
Magic Hour android app
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Thus these are the 3 best Android Honeycomb OS compatible camera apps that enhance your photographic activities.
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