5 Best Xbox 360 Games of 2011

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The Xbox 360 gaming console developed from Microsoft is one of the most predominant gaming consoles among all gamers around the world today. Absolutely there is no sprawl or dip in total quality, as there are several great multiplatform consoles like PS3 competing with it.

It is just there aren’t many first-party and exclusive games announced for the 2011 financial year. Apart from “Gears of War3” and other fascinating titles, Microsoft has been almost quite in the whole of 2011.

If you are looking forward to know about the top 5 best Xbox 360 games 2011, then just go through the following sections, where we have compiled a list of 5-best games of Xbox 360, which are picked entirely based on the popularity of those games among the gaming freaks in 2011.

Top Five Best Xbox 360 Games in 2011

After spending a fair amount of time in research, finally we were able to compile a list of top five best Xbox 360 games in 2011, which are most commonly chosen by many gamers around the globe.

Batman: Arkham City – It is an even better edition of the top Batman game to date, but now it is taking place across a huge chuck of Gotham city more willingly than just Arkham Asylum. Before its release, it has been showcased its new trailer at the Spike VGS’s, where it displayed no game-play. We are presenting a quick basic coverage of this game: Strange is a psychologist, who is one to get obsessed with Batman, presumes his true character, and acquires to dressing as the caped campaigner. Anyways, it is great game, which will make you sit hours together in front of your PC.


Child of Eden – It is yet another prettiest and most unusual-looking game lined up for next year. Its kinect controls seems to be rough at a recently occurred preview event, but with a controller this looks like easily the safest stake around for many hardcore rail-shooter enthusiasts.


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – It’s really difficult to get thrilled about a game when all we actually have to go on is a name and a short trailer, which shows cave wall.But, when it happens to hear about a new game with Elder Scrolls in its name, it would certainly make you feel goose bumps formation with you. After learning many lessons from Fallout3, Bethesda has got a lot to live up, and everyone anticipate Skyrim to be one of the strong nominees for the “Game of the year” this year.


Gears of War3 – It is one of the best ever designed Epic games in the history of Xbox gaming console. There are many welcome improvements to this game so far including 4-player crusade co-op, and devoted servers for multiplayer.


Project Draco – The main theme of this particular is very interesting.A religious successor to Panzer Dragoon among one of the most important people behind Panzer Dragoon, featuring a weird Panzer Dragoon like art style might be the real theme of this game.


Thus these are the 5 best Xbox 360 games for 2011 and you must not afford to miss out playing them.

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