Apple iPhone 4S - Success Story

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Apple iPhone 4S is doing masterful work for Apple. It has been buzzed, tweeted a lot by the internet users. I can still remember the day when it went on sale for the first time in US, we saw lines of people trying to grab it. Apple iPhone 4S has got amazing features too and perhaps that was why people are crazy about it. Apple iPhone 4S is available in India too but at really high prices.

Apple iPhone 4S has got features which are mentioned below

OS – iOS5
Processor – 1GHz dual core
Camera – 8MP primary, VGA secondary camera
Video – Yes, full HD quality
Battery – Standard Li-Ion 1432mAh battery
Size – 3.5inches
RAM – 512MB
Internal Memory – 16/32/64GB

Features are great as we all can see. The Apple iPhone 4S is now available in 20 more countries, this is the time for Apple fans to rejoice and celebrate. Apple’s stock has seen a great downfall in its market value after the un-certain death of Steve Jobs and this news might come as a relief for both Apple staff and Apple fans.

The prices of iPhone 4S in all the countries is dependent on the tax imposed by that country’s Government. For example, the price of Apple iPhone 4S 32GB model in Brazil is $1,845 and the 64GB will even be higher. Currently Apple iPhone 4S is launched in countries like Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Tunisia, Vietnam etc. Another major factor for deciding the price of Apple iPhone 4S is the carrier or the telecom company which is providing the phone to the people. In India, Aircel and Airtel have brought this phone to India and they are playing an important part in pricing the phone except the govt. taxes.

Let us hope that Apple will prosper like this and give competition to all the other brands, vice-versa making the phones cheaper for us.
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