Avast Mobile Security Beta Launched

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Saturday, December 24, 2011 | | 0 comments »
Avast is a big name in the computer security market. Millions of people have handed the security related tensions to Avast, and Avast has never betrayed their trust. Now Avast has taken a step forward and is all set to have a look at the security of mobile world. Avast has launched the Avast Mobile Security Beta version for mobiles. Currently, it is available only for Android users. Other OS’s like iOS, Windows, Blackberry OS are expected to get it soon. The Avast Mobile Security Beta is a very advanced anti-virus even in its Beta version, just think about it when it will come out of the “Beta” ouster.

The features of Avast Mobile Security are really amazing, it makes sure that your phone remain out of the sight of malwares. It can block malicious SMSes with its supreme quality, it has even got anti-theft system. The best things is, we can even use this security system to trace our lost or stolen mobile phone. We can even send commands using SMSes to the phone and collect the any sort of data we want. The Android phones which are rooted will get more features than the phones which are un-rooted. The Avast Mobile Security Beta is available for free over here.

This is a guest post by Matthew. He is a blogger as well as a part time writer. Currently he writes for Eternicom Group and he also writes for Eternicom.
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