Blackberry Playbook Now Available at 50% Cheaper Rate

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Wednesday, December 28, 2011 | | 0 comments »
This news might be a moment to rejoice for the Blackberry fans as Blackberry has decided to curtail the price of Blackberry Playbook by almost 50% that means by about Rs.12,500! The Blackberry playbook will be available in the market at the discounted price from 31st December, last day of the year!

The current cost of Blackberry Playbook 16GB model is Rs 27,990 and by 31st December, it will be available at the price of Rs.13,490. The 32GB model of Blackberry Playbook will be available at just a bit more price - Rs 15,990. The 64GB model of Blackberry Playbook will be available for Rs.24,490. We all can get Blackberry Playbook at this much cheap rates from nowhere but directly from exclusive Blackberry stores. Don't get too excited, it isn't available right now. Blackberry will put this plan of discounted price in effect from 31st December. So hold your nerves till then.

Blackberry has always been considered a really expensive brand but it has proved people wrong by lowering down the prices of its top notch products like Playbook and Blackberry Curve.

The experts are saying that Blackberry Playbook’s price has been curtailed because it hasn’t attracted a lot of customers and is proving to be harmful for Blackberry. Whatever, it may be but all what we are getting is profit. So guys and girls, grab it before it slips out!
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