ChuChu Rocket Now Available on GetJar

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Monday, December 26, 2011 | | 0 comments »
You might have not heard about ChuChu. ChuChu is the name of a mice and ChuChu Rocket is the name of a game. In this game, ChuChu gets landed in an alien world where alien cats run before him and try to catch him and try to kill him. ChuChu can save himself from only thing, by boarding into a rocket and running off. The user or the player has to guide the ChuChu to the rocket so that he can safely escape the cats.

As the level keeps on moving, more obstacles are added in-between. There are more than 500 puzzles or rounds in this game. ChuChu Rocket is an amazing game and completely make users forget about the surroundings.

ChuChu Rocket is recently added to GetJar, though it was already available in Android market. The price of ChuChu Rocket is really low, it’s available for merely Rs.52 on Android market while only $0.99 on GetJar. Paying off this much amount for a game like ChuChu Rocket is a sort of “steal” offer. Don’t think, just buy and play.
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