Deep Insight of Philips X622

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Philips has actually not done too much notable work in the phone market hence only a few people know that even Phillips create smartphones. Phillips phones are good, they aren’t the best but the true worth of money. Phillips recently announced its latest of all the phones Philips X622. Philips X622 is a magnanimous phone. Philips X622 is a dual SIM phone with 2100mah battery which keeps its running for more than 1800hrs on standby and more than 20hrs on talktime. To know more about the features of this phone keep on reading.


Camera quality of Philips X622 is superb. Philips X622 is having a 5MP camera with features like LED flash. Philips X622 also allows you to shoot in the QCIF mode at the speed of 15fps. The speed and quality doesn’t match up with the need of current young generation. Phillips must have worked hard to make it a better phone.


As I have mentioned that battery life of Philips X622 is awesome, so without wasting a lot of time I must tell you that its having standard battery and the features of battery are already mentioned in the introduction of this post. Whatever you say, the battery life of Philips X622 is perhaps the longest in its category.


The internal memory of Philips X622 is really low, its only 44MB but the expandable memory is good. The expandable memory of Philips X622 is 32GB via microSD card. Philips X622 again disappointed us with its “super” low internal memory. We can easily make photocalls from this phone.

Data Connectivity

Philips X622 doesn’t support all the data sharing features but the one which it supports are good. Philips X622 supports EDGE, GPRS, WLAN, Bluetooth, micro USB, 2G etc. But the basic and the important feature which it lacks is 3G!

Other Features

Dimensions - 114.5 x 57.5 x 14.5 mm
Weight – 158.8 grams
Display type - TFT resistive touchscreen
Display size - 3.2 inches with 180 ppi pixel density
Loudspeaker - Yes
3.5mm jack – Yes
Radio – Yes
Browser – Yes
Games – Yes
Java - Yes
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