Google to shut down seven more services after Google Buzz

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Wednesday, December 07, 2011 | | 0 comments »

Google has already announced that it will soon be closing the Google Buzz program, continuing the array, Google today announced that it’s going to discontinue a few other “flopped” programs too. To start with, Google will discontinue Wave, and then other programs like Knol, Gears, Bookmarks Lists, Friend Connect and Search Timeline. This news was made available to all of us by Google Senior Vice-President (Operations) Urs Holzle in a blog post published by him, as Google’s Senior Vice President has revealed this, so there might be chances of it to be true.
Trying to pack up other offline things too, Google said that it will also be discarding its renewable energy-cheaper-than-coal initiative whose only aim was to make the price of renewable energy cheaper.

Google has said that all of these programs are expected to be discarded by the end of next or perhaps next to next month and “almost” all of them are expected to end completely.
It is a rumor that Google is doing all this because it need funds and time for its first every program dedicated to social-networking – Google Plus. The Google Plus has already started and has more than 60 million registered users who are using their G+ profile actively and surprisingly they are liking it very much.
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