How to pre-cache Google maps on Android

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Monday, December 26, 2011 | , , | 0 comments »
It feels really weird to ask the correct way for going somewhere from a stranger in a strange land. What is the solution? Try using GPS system or use Google maps. Google maps can give you the exact location of places around you, all what you need is internet access. What if we don’t have internet access around? Simple, we have to pre-cache the Google maps. Pre-caching Google maps might sound a difficult task but believe me, it is as easy as 1,2,3. One has to just follow the steps mentioned below and if they are followed properly you will easily be able to pre-cache the Google maps. Pre-caching Google maps allows you to access them even at the time, when you don’t have access to internet. It is something very much similar to downloading certain thing from web and later accessing it even without internet. Now, here is the tutorial to teach you “How to pre-cache Google maps on Android”.

Step 1 – Connect your phone to internet, then open Google maps and then navigate to the place you want to go.
Step 2 – Now tap “menu” and then tap “settings” and at last tap “Labs”.
Step 3 – Now scroll down and find something called “Pre-cache map area”.

Step 4 – Now choose the area on the map to be pre-cached and then tap the balloon.
Step 5 –Now again go to menu and then select pre-cache map area from details page.

Step 6 – Now let you phone pre-cache the map. It might take several minutes in some cases. 

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