The Korean Samsung Galaxy Nexus will have 2,000mAh battery

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Tuesday, December 06, 2011 | 0 comments »
If you are living in Korea and worried about the battery life of whole new Samsung Galaxy Nexus then you can calm and chill out because Samsung has decided to surprise us all by providing you up with an extra battery pack of 2,000mAh battery. The European model of Samsung Galaxy Nexus has got only one battery and it is a 1,750mAh battery while the American version of Nexus “will” have 1,850mAh battery. So the Korean or the homeland model of Samsung Galaxy Nexus will have the most powerful battery.

This news could be true. The battery type of all the models of Samsung Galaxy Nexus will remain same – Lithium Ion battery. The American model of battery was thicker than the European one and thus it is expected that the Korean model of Nexus battery will be even thicker! This extra battery pack with the Korean Nexus will perhaps help all the Koreans in saving electricity and keeping the planet clean and green!
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