Motorola Fire Announced - Price, Features and Views

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Motorola has this year released the lowest number of phones after Philips. The last or the latest phone released by Motorola is Motorola Fire. Motorola Fire is an amazing phone touch and type phone with TFT capacitive touchscreen. It has got 2.8inch touch screen with 143ppi pixel density. To keep it running for 7hrs on talk-time and 260hrs on standby it has got a 1400mAh standard Li-Ion battery. To know more about this amazing phone, let’s conduct a review. Remember, this is not a hands on review as a phone is yet to be released.

Operating System

Operating system of any phone is really a crucial part. But still, there are some people who don’t know much about this very catalog and let this factor hook off and later they regret. Operating system of Motorola Fire is perhaps the most used OS this year – its Android v2.3(Gingerbread). Android v2.3 is an amazing OS and has already proved itself by being available in almost every smartphone released this year.

Memory Size

Memory of Motorola Fire is good too. It has got 32GB expandable memory while things like internal memory, RAM etc are yet not officially announced by the company. The expected internal memory of Motorola Fire is at least 2GB while the expected RAM is minimum 256MB. If these expected figures comes out to be true than this phone will easily compete phones like HTC Chacha.

Camera Quality 

Camera quality of Motorola Fire is magnanimous. It has got 3.15MP primary camera with features like geo-tagging etc. The camera of Motorola Fire also allows us to record videos but surprisingly there is no secondary camera in this phone.


The phone is yet not released by the company but its price can be expected. The Motorola Fire is expected to be price somewhere very near to Rs.7,000 as it has features similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Y. And as far as the launching date is confirmed, it is expected to be in January 2012.
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