Nokia X6 - Review

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The Nokia X6 is a Smartphone by the finish company Nokia and it was released right at the start of the year 2010. The Smartphone is the first phone in the X series which was introduced by Nokia in the late 2009. The phone has received a lot of popularity throughout the world which is solely because of its elite look and its brilliant design. The phone was regarded by many as phone which is perfect for music and has a brilliant modern look which is the first of its kind.


It features a Symbian operating system which is featured in most of the Nokia Smartphone's.


It features a capacitive touch screen any many claim that this phone is a successor of the popular 5800 Smartphone with better looks and features. The touch screen is very responsive and is decent compared to older Smartphone's from Nokia which had a very poor touch screen. It features a 3.2 inches screen. The Smartphone also offers a 16:9 wide screen viewing experience along with 16 million colors.

Multimedia and Music

The phone is excellent in terms of music and is known as one of the best music devices from Nokia. The inbuilt speakers have an excellent audio output and clarity and the phone features a classic 3.5 mm jack for the use of earphones. It can play the most popular music formats including mp3, WMA and AAC. The music can be downloaded and stored using the Nokia music store. The X6 also has an inbuilt FM radio.


Though the camera features 5 megapixels with carl Zeiss, a lot of users have said that the camera results are outstanding using the X6. It also features and autofocus option with Dual LED.


The web browser is similar to the Nokia Symbian browser used in several other phones; however, this browser is comparatively faster and is compared to iPhone’s safari. With the WIFI connection, you can easily enjoy a smooth browsing experience.


The battery is the similar 1320mah battery used by the 5800 and the other Symbian touch screen phones. It offers a decent battery life with up to 30 hours of playback and over 9 hours of talk time. Most people have said that the phone lasts 1 to 2 days after a full charge with relatively decent usage including music playback, phone calls, messaging and browsing.

Operating system and hardware

The operating system of the phone is the same as of other Symbian touch screen phones and is the Symbian OS 5 version 9.4. The phone also has a powerful 434 MHz ARM 11 processor which is better compared to the older Nokia touch screen phones. One of the biggest advantages of the phone would be the inbuilt massive 32 GB memory which can be used to store unlimited music. This inbuilt memory was also featured in the Nokia n900 which was liked by most of the users. Also, the memory can be further expanded with an external micro SD card. The phone has a 128GB RAM which is lower as compared to competitors.

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