Samsung And HTC Will Launch The LTE Enabled Phone

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Saturday, December 31, 2011 | | 0 comments »

Windows Based phones are all set to rock the floor. Nokia has already launched Nokia Lumia series of phones in the market and they are on fire, you have to believe me. Nokia is soon going to launch the devices with LTE enabled network. LTE basically stands for Long Term Evolution. LTE based phones are not found very much in the market. Only few smartphones like SGS 2 LTE support LTE network.
LTE network is a sort of 3.5G but is only available in countries 56 countries, rest of the world is still devoid. Even Japan has got its first ever LTE enabled device a few months ago, Japan is one of the fastest economies. LTE enabled devices are faster and support really fast data connectivity. It is sometimes even called 4G by some people, but it doesn’t full fill all the conditions set by ITU-R to be considered a 4G network. So we call it a sort of 3.5G.

I warn Nokia not think that competition would be easy! Because big daddies of phone market are soon going to challenge it. Samsung  and HTC will soon be in. HTC has decided to come into the LTE network support phone market by launching a phone codenamed as HTC Radiant while Samsung is coming in with a phone codenamed as Samsung Mandel. HTC Radiant has still not leaks but Samsung Mandel’s size has been
released, it is a 4.3inch screen phone.

The phones were previously expected to launch of Verizon network but Paul Thurott has confirmed that they will release on AT&T network. The phones are expected to be released in mid of 2012, perhaps in the MWC 2012!
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