Samsung Galaxy S 3 - Leaked Picture and Features

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Samsung last year unveiled Samsung Galaxy S 2 in MWC 2011. Soon after the release of Samsung Galaxy S 2 it was declared the smartphone of year and was one of the most sold phone in 2011 and was perhaps the best phone ever released by Samsung. This year too, Samsung expects something great, it is expected to unveil the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S 3 in MWC 2012. This news has not been confirmed officially by Samsung team but some really trusted sources have leaked this news. Samsung Galaxy S 3, if gets released, will definitely pull down the market of iPhone 4S and will even be a major challenge for iPhone 5. Now let us see what are the features leaked by the sources.

Operating System – Android v4.0
Data Connectivity - NFC Enabled
Memory – 32GB internal memory with 1.5GB RAM
Camera - 10MP camera, full HD recording capability
Screen – Super AMOLED 3 screen, 4.65inches

But another source named as Crazyaboutmobile made another hit after leaking different specifications. The specs given out by Crazyaboutmobile are as follows.

CPU – 1.8GHz Sammy processor
Screen – AMOLED+ screen
Camera – 12MP
OS – Android v4.0

Another strange yet true thing is that some other sources have leaked a picture of Samsung Galaxy S 3, as shown below. The design seems to be really revolutionary and is somewhat similar to the “expected” design of iPhone 5.
We cannot say anything regarding this matter now, as Samsung has not officially confirmed it but we can tell you something – Samsung is ready with a surprise for this year’s MWC. If either of these two leaks of features comes out to be true then phones like iPhone 5 etc will find it hard to burry themselves into the heart of people. The leaked picture of Samsung Galaxy S 3 is expected to be clicked in Russia. The Galaxy design on Samsung Galaxy S 3 is quite different and gives it unique looks.

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