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Voice conferencing is one thing you can never miss if you have a smartphone and if you have an Android phone, then missing it is not an option. Voice conferencing or call conferencing means having voice calls with more than one person at one time. In Android, you have some special applications which will make conference call easier. So, in this post, I am going to tell you about one of the bets voice conferencing app there is for Android. The name of the application is Talk2Group.


  • Talk2Group makes it easy to talk with a group of friends all at once.
  • You can create, schedule and manage directly from your phone.
  • It has a Call History feature which allows you to reuse previously made calls.
  • You can hold meetings instantly with no codes, no pins and no access numbers.
  • Only the holder of the conference requires this app. The other participants don’t even require a smartphone. They get a message on their phone which have the number they need to call to join the voice conference.

Talk2Group also has a professional version which adds more feature to your voice conferencing. The features are listed below:

  • More participants(4 in Lite, 10 in Pro)
  • Monthly quota increased to 1000 minutes and 200 texts
  • Unlimited Scheduling
  • The Pro account charges you €10/$10/£10 per month.

Well, this application is easy to use and maybe the best voice conferencing application for Android operating system. According to the user ratings on, 7 people have rated it 5/5 and 1 person has rated it ⅕ which makes the average rating 4.5/5. Going with the majority, you can see that several people have rated it full.

Even I think and believe it as a great application for voice conferencing. You cannot miss this application if you have an Android smartphone. Below is the link of this app in Android Marketplace and also the link of the official website of the application.

Android Marketplace
Official Website

Author Bio : This is a guest post by Matthew. He is a blogger as well as a part time writer. Currently he writes for Powwownow. Powwownow offers services like Conference calling, voice conference etc.

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