What Are Device Drivers And Where Can I Find Them

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Device drivers are instruction sets that tell the computer hardware when, how, and why to work. They are responsible with everything that control the behavior of your personal computer.

Device drivers is a term known just on personal computers (unix/linux/bsd & windows running machines). There are no device drivers on Mac OS X (well, they exist, but they are called KEXTs).

When you buy a new laptop or computer, if it has the operating system installed, usually the distributors also installed the drivers, so you could just run everything flawlessly. If you have installed a fresh copy of an operating system, then most of them won't be installed, so sound, videos and usb devices may not work properly or may not work at all. However, if you have reinstalled the operating system or bought a new computer and it lacks it's drivers, read further and you will get information on where to find drivers for your hardware.

You must keep in mind that drivers are produced based on the specific model of a hardware, this means that a driver from the company “X” won't work for all the “X” boards. You have to know the exact model of your board/hardware so that you'll be able to install the correct drivers.

Another thing that you should keep in mind, is if you are running a linux system which is not Ubuntu or something as user friendly as Ubuntu is. The problem is that in linux, you need to browse the source code, install some compilers and libraries, and then compile the source code in order to make your drivers. This is an advanced, and more complex process, and I'm not familiar with it, so I won't talk about this.

If you are running Windows 95 – Windows XP:

– One method of finding drivers is by going into Control Panel → Add New Device → Automatically search drivers and software on the internet

An alternative method (and the most recommended one) is by using the company and model of your hardware/board to search it on the internet and to get the latest official releases.

The last (and most simple) method is by using the software and driver cds that you have received. However, not all the new computers come with driver cds.

If you are running Windows Vista – Windows 7:

1. Go to Control Panel → Automatic Updates → Turn It on

2. Go to Control Panel → Add New Device → Search on the internet and Microsoft Driver Database

This being said, I hope that you will be able to install all the drivers that you are missing.


Dell Inspiron Zino HD

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The current world is the world of electronics, whether it is a mobile, internet or television. They have turned into necessities, rather being luxuries. As we see, there is no deficiency of mobiles models incorporating newer and newer features every day. Unfortunately, along with this advancement, also comes cell phone bugging devices and mobile hacking softwares. So consumer needs to be careful and stay up to date.

As for internet and television, people want both of them to mix together, so that they can surf internet and watch television at the same time. Different companies have produced such hubs, and one of them is the new Inspiron Zino HD from Dell. It is also called “PC meets TV”. It is like upgrading your television. Depending on the model, the cost ranges from $300 to $750. The advantages of this device in a nutshell are as follows:

· The model incorporates a blu-ray drive and has many enhanced graphics options. This lets you watch TV shows and blu-ray movies online.

· You can surf Internet and watch media files, on your TV.

· You can store your pictures, and what not as it comes with a hard drive of up to 1TB.

Different features of the device are as given below:

The size

Dell Inspiron Zino HD is very compact in size, and measures 8X8 inches. It fits easily at any corner of your home; and it is portable, that if you decide to change the place at some point, it does not give you any hard time.


The device has a fast quad-core processor. The performance is hard to believe with multimedia, games, applications etc.


The storage capacity is up to 1 TB. This ensures that you have no more problems to manage your pictures, videos etc. It also has two eSATA ports to connect to any external hard drive.

Provides with a smooth HD viewing. It has up to 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD.

There is 4 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI 1.3 connection, and a four-in-one media card reader. The wireless connectivity is 802.11n. With these features you can connect to the digital world in no time, of course with a working wireless network connection.

Streaming movies

Streaming movies is a child’s play with this device. As soon as you connect the Zino HD with your television, you can stream the movies and other shows that you want; and all this is done from the comfort of sitting at your rest chair or sofa.


As we saw above, the advantages of this device are numerous; however, it has some disadvantages too. The disadvantages of this device are that it has comparatively slow computing performance. It is also expensive when you compare it to the other living room PCS available.


If you happen to look for a compact PC that is window based and also has a blu-ray drive; and, has no complicated setups requirement, then Zino HD can be a good choice.


Pentax Optio W90 Pocket camera

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The long and slim design of Pentax Optio W90 digital camera is definitely going to remind you about any Camera phone with which you can shoot anything that will provide the best quality. It has the dimensions of 59 x 107.5 x 25mm. The weight of Pentax Optio W90 digital camera is 161g along with its accessories. The amazing potentials of this camera are as following:

· You can through it from the height if 1.2 meters.

· It is not only waterproof for just the shake of saying so but it has been tasted waterproof under 6 meters deep water.

· You can even freeze your Pentax Optio W90 digital camera in -10 degree Celsius.

· Dust and shock proof.

Means in any condition and anywhere you can take pictures from Pentax Optio W90 digital camera.

Major species

· The Digital Zoom function allows you to micro capture a picture from the distance of less than 1 inch. This gives you the function same as Microscope to shoot the nature.

· The connectivity of Eye-Fi Wireless with the help of Micro SD Card will enable you to share the pictures and videos and you can transfer them from camera to computer or laptop easily. Just purchase an Eye-Fi Card and you can get connected to the networking sites as Facebook, picasaweb, Youtube and Flickr.

· Now no need to limit the function of face detection to the humans but the face of you Pets (Cats and Dogs) can also captured. The AE and AF function can detect up to 32 faces with sharp focus in 0.03 seconds of time.

· High HD Quality Movie and Video recordings can be made and with the TV like output of 1280 x 720 pixels with the speed of 30 frames in one second time. Not limited to this, it can provide HDMI micro terminal signal output for audio videos.

· LCD monitor of 2.7-inch with 230,000 dots and 16:9 extended proportions.

· The 5x optical zoom feature to provide the coverage of 28mm wide-angle.

· During Low lighting conditions while shooting still images the W90 will use highly sensitive anti-shake mode and it automatically raises the sensitivity up to 6400 ISO. So even if you are in the poor light and shooting an object and even in the disturbing movements the pictures will not blur and will be clear.

· It has lithium-ion battery (D-LI88) which is rechargeable. This is enough for movie recording of 250 minutes and shooting of 205 images.

· The Pentax W90 has 26MB of internal memory with SD/SDHC card slot for external memory expansion. There is no support for SDXC memory cards. With the help of Eye-Fi-, you can take advantage of wireless memory. Such as no auto-shut due to power loss while wireless image transfers.

Can mobile phones get viruses? Yes it can. How about the Cameras? The cameras have the same memory card slot as are there in Mobile phones. We provide phone virus protection by using any phone anti-virus software. In the same way protect your camera memory cards and scan them for viruses before use.


Software Development Tips - The Employer

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I am going to talk about some things that could help you find a good employer and maybe get a long time relation with him. Usually it's hard to find people like these, but here are some guidelines for decideing if you've got one of them.


This is a very important factor, if the person who hires you is representing a company or if he is an individual.

Previous workers:

If you met him somewhere where you couldn't check feedback or testimonials, kindly ask him if you could get some email addresses of previous workers, so that you get in touch with them and see how they're relation was, the communication between them, etc.


Usually, individuals have a fixed budget for a project, so if he tells you that he has 500$ to spend, he won't go over it … well, not that easely (maybe if you offer him another project, he will).

If it's a company, then kindly bring to their attention that they're project may go over the specified budget, depending on special requests they could have.


Discuss with them that you won't provide any of the source code until you get the amount discusses, at the discussed date.


This is important for communicating messages, problems, errors and modifications to the project. You need to know what timezone does your employer have, so you know when to find him online and discuss matters.

Details about the systems:

You will need to know for what systems is the application targetted to (if it's an application). You can't develop an application in Python/Perl (usually for linux) and then send it to him, if he runs a Windows system (him and his users).


Nokia C3 - Full phone specifications

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Nokia has launched recently an advanced qwerty phone of C series known as Nokia C3 in the first week of June-10. Nokia C3 phone is coming up with multiple new features that are more compatible than the Blackberry and Nokia Smart Phones. The full specifications are given below:

· Display: It comes with the size of 115.5 x 58.1 x 13.6 mm and weight of 114grms. The screen size is 2.4 inches with TFT and QVGA display which is rich with 256 K colors. The resolution support is of 320 x 240 pixels. It has keyboard of full QWERTY display and the user friendly prognostic text utility with which you can text the messages easily. It is a speaker phone that has a vibration alerts device. It has volume up to 63.2 cc and 3.5 mm audio jack with MP3 ringtones. It comes in three amazing colors of Golden White, Slate Grey, and Hot Pink. The users can customize the home screen such as themes, shortcuts, menu display, shortcut etc. at their choice.

· Cell Phone Memory: Nokia C3 cell phone memory has 55 Mega Bite internal space and users can save almost unlimited entries. Users can record calls and for next 30 days the last records can be saved easily. The expandable cell phone memory is limited to 16 GB which is all equal to unlimited. You can use Micro SD card as external cell phone memory. The Nokia C3 Mobile Phones are coming with a Li-Ion 1320 MAH (BL-5J) battery that is powerful enough to provide 480 hours of stand by mode and 7 hours of talk time limit.

· Camera: Nokia C3 has a 2 Mega Pixel QVGA camera of 1600×1200 pixels. The users can take the fair pictures and record amazing videos. The QVGA Camera resolution is the one that will just work if you want to have a rare use of Mobile Camera because it has very low resolution and do not provide the good quality pictures that you can print and keep for your albums. Although the phone can play a very good and pleasant videos with music and record then as well. The QVGA Camera features of Nokia C3 involve 4x digital zooming facility, self timer, viewfinder, MPEG-4Video capturing, QCIF resolution of 320 x 240.

Other species are:

Bluetooth 2.0 w/ A2DP

WiFi 802.11b/g


FM Radio with RDS

This is noteworthy that after using Nokia C3 for some time you will definitely fall in love with this phone. It’s not only because this is the fines phone but because is has lots many features in such a low price. The users will definitely love internet surfing with Nokia C3. In just $129, I must say this is the best phone and of course Nokia is the best name to opt for. The great battery life and amazing, decent and classic look Nokia C3 can beat any Blackberry and smart phones easily. There are few glitches but that’s just like a compromise you have to make to get something near the best.


Software Development Tips - The Programmer

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I am going to discuss some things that you need to keep in mind when searching for a software developer. It might seem that everyone does these things, but most of the companies and individuals just search a programmer and hire the first that comes to their attention.

Areas of expertise:

This is the first thing you need to know about your coder, what programming languages he knows. Why is this important you ask? Let's say that you want an application that will control your electric equipment in your house. Well of course you won't hire a Flash or JavaScript coder, but instead you would hire a C/C++/C# or Perl/Python coder (depending on what operating system you use).

Amount of knowledge in an area:

Here is the tricky part; there are coders which have learned multiple programming languages but they don't master any of them, and they will tell you that they have a moderate knowledge in some of them. If they do, then kindly ask what they coded before in that programming language, so you could make a basic idea of what they can do.

Time daily for your project:

Some of the freelance programmers are takeing multiple projects at a time. Even if your coder is not a freelancer, kindly ask him how much can he work daily on your project. If it's too less and you need your project done fast, it would be recommended to search another coder, however, you might make a deal with him, paying a little extra to get the work done on time.


This is an important factor, if you've decided to guide your programmer daily. Let's say that you've made a deal with your coder, he starts the project and each day he shows you what he did, and you tell him what to add and what to remove. In this case, being online at the same time is an important factor.


If you hired him from a freelancer website, or any medium where you can leave feedback, kindly announce him that the abortion of the project after a contract was signed will lead to negative feedback, or legal action (if you pay upfront a fee and he doesn't return the money)


If you have hired him from somewhere where you can see feedback left by previous employers, then look through the feedback and see if the others were satisfied. You could see 100 positive feedback and one negative, in this case, look who gave him negative feedback, and look to the feedback of that person (usually scammers hire someone, they provide the project, then the scammers run away with the money, and they give you negative feedback saying that you haven't finished the job; usually these scammers have more than 70 percent negative feedback)


Motorola Bravo Smartphone– Amazingly Pleasing Gadget

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Today we have got a latest Smartphone to have discussion on–a latest item from the AT&T / Motorola group, the Motorola Bravo. And similar to lots of Smartphones these days, you’ll observe it presenting lots of remarkable value. It won’t be ideal, certainly–expensive a bit even advanced –but it is sure what’s freely available here.

The Motorola Bravo is a PDA mode Smartphone driven by Android 2.1. You’ll as well get GPS mechanism, a 3.7 inch touchscreen show, a USB port, microSD card, mobile web as well as email, text, multimedia with instant messaging means, 3.5mm headset jack, a range of features exact to Google like Gmail, Google Talk, Google Voice Search and Google Maps including Navigation, backing for the major three messenger gizmos (AOL IM, Yahoo IM and MSN / Windows Live Messenger).

Further features are:

AT&T radio,

AT&T Maps / Navigator (which in point of fact asks you to pay $9.99 for turn by turn routes),

MP3 player

Video player

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth link



3 megapixel cam

And a battery that will provide 8 hours of talking period on a single charging.

Well, you can observe that the Smartphone is loaded with lots of characteristics and such features play a part in making a phone worthwhile.

The Motorola Bravo is accurately a practical & stable item as it affords you what you need.



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Recession is the time when it becomes difficult for any business to survive. Take any industry whether it is an automobile, newspaper, hotel or any other industry, all have to suffer the pain during recession. But when it comes to SEO experts, they are the one who are very much stable during this time. The industry is affected but not as much as compared to any other industry wrenching in pain.

There are so many SEO experts who consider SEO job for a long run and why not if they can and are making money out of it and it is very much stable also.

Now the big question is what can be expected form SEO careers during recession?? It is obvious that SEO experts do get disappointments because most of their customers would be from the industry that is adversely affected from recession. But look at the brighter side, these experts are at least having some stable income to pay off their bills. They can look for new customers in other industries.

Considering the question of job security, SEO experts are very much secured because there are no layoffs. They are the boss themselves and do not have to worry about leaving the company at any point of time.

These experts have the right skill and talent. At such vulnerable times there are novices who enter into SEO career, but recession is not the right time. They do not have the right skill and expertise but still expect river of gold. Maybe some may get right but for others it can lead to disappointment.

Unlike any other careers SEO career is recession proof. There are many reasons as to why is it so.

>The first being that it is a well-established market. It is no more a new service and it has established more than it was couple of years ago.

>Companies during recession cut down their budgets to the lowest possible. SEO has already created the need for it in companies of any size. They help the company to stay on-board. So SEO are least preferred during the adjustments done in the budget by the companies.

>SEO is the best and the cheapest way to drive traffic for a company. It is cheaper than PPC which is very much expensive and most of the time companies go for SEO instead of PPC because it is very much effective. It is much better than the traditional methods which are much more costly than PPC or any other online promotion.

>Most of the companies go for SEO because it has more ROI (Return on Investment). The companies invest in SEO and in turn SEO provides return to the company which is much higher than the investment.

>During the time of recession clients go for aggressive SEO campaign in the attempt to get faster and better results.

If you are a professional and you can take the advantage of the above mentioned points about SEO being a recession-proof, then you will never have to taste the bitterness of the recession.


Guide on Blogging Contests

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The main motive of a blogger is to share its ideas and thoughts to its readers and also be famous in a much quicker way.But how far is the blog interesting until and unless it has good number of readers.

If you are a blogger and looking ways to increase your traffic, then why not have a blogging contest. It is simpler and fun. People like to win free prizes and why not create a buzz of excitement on your blog.

The more you promote about the blogging contest the more visitors you get. Go visit other sites and blogs to promote about the contest. Search Google to find such websites that announces blog contests. Another way can be through blog carnivals.

This way you can have more visitors and also create a brand loyalty among your existing readers. It is more interactive, competitive and not to mention there are free prizes.This will help you gather a huge number of followers through Facebook, twitter, blog feed, and also other social media networks.

Now let us discuss some essential steps that would be needed to attract the right kind of visitors.

>The contest should be related to something that can sell your product. Use keywords that can help people to easily find the blog and also when they tell their friends about it by means of social media, it will create keyword-enrich backlinks.

>The prize should be selected such that it makes the blogging contest successful. Make it more exciting, more interesting and try to relate the prize with the blog’s topic as it will bring more added value to the customers. Make sure to do some financial planning because if the prizes are not sponsored by any company then it is you who have to purchase it and also pay for the shipping cost if required.

>Never forget your existing customers. They are the one who know the true value of your blog. Decide the topic that would interest them more. This could create more competitive interaction.

>Always make sure that the instructions are clearly stated for the contest. There should not be any misunderstanding with the people about the instructions and rules.

>The purpose of having the contest is to have more visitors and also have some fun, so there should not be any cheating while selecting the winner.

>Do not restrict yourself to just local groups. Spread the idea around the globe. Have participant from different parts of the world.

>At last do not forget the losers!!!...thank them for participating by sending them a thank you note through email or by social media. Also let them know about your other blogs and keep them informed about your other future contests.

So i think you have understood how social media can be a great advantage in increasing the traffic for your blog. Be creative and you will get all through it. So what are you waiting for…go for it and let us know about it!!!


Google postpones 'Chrome PCs’

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Google is delaying the market first appearance of the opening PCs functioning on its extremely projected OS by approximately 6 months to provide its engineers additional time to adjust the software perfectly.

Within a latest schedule, Google told it looks forward to the opening machines power-driven by the OS to move for sale in between the approaching year. The corporation formerly assured to have its Chrome OS prepared by the closing stages of this year.

Google is taking on consumers as well as lots of businesses to put to the test a "very limited" figure of laptops utilizing the OS, which rotates around the corporation’s 2 years old Chrome web browser.

The unbranded PCs will be delivered to the individuals selected to take part in the pilot programme by the closing stages of January. The opening Chrome OS laptops will be presented by Acer as well as Samsung. Google told the makers will settle on the rates of the opening Chrome Operating System machines the coming year.

The Chrome Operating System PCs will get a 12.1 inch computer screen and normal sized keyboard; however will be without hard drive. That denoted they will require retrieving the internet to operate further programmes.

Google in addition revealed a latest website for vending applications that function on the internet. It released yesterday with approximately 500 applications, striking the closing part of the year.