Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone - Review

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Now I understand why people were raving so much about the first 4G Nexus phone! This smart phone brings in a lot of attitude to the world of technology. The Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone’s 4” premium touch screen works best for me as a student since I enjoy watching movies and reading e-books during my free time.

I love the screen technology and screen design used because it brings out the amazing and rich colors from my movies even during daylight! And the best thing about this is that more and more applications are being developed by Samsung for everyone. Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone The 5-Megapixel camera has both a rear and front-facing lens that takes really good photos perfect for sharing in my favourite social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter made accessible by the ready wifi-connectivity feature it also has! And the flash eliminates the problem of night time photo taking and its auto focus feature allows you to take good photos of moving or non-still subjects. The camera is actually my most favourite perk for this phone!

I’ve enjoyed using it during concerts, school sports festivals, beach outings and even during normal lazy days with my friends in the mall or in school. And since, this cellphone takes really good photos, the 16GB internal memory came in really handy for me! Sharing my files with friends has been made easier too because of its fast Bluetooth feature.

I wish they had a larger color selection though since they only have black and silver. However, the color choices actually show that the Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone is more suited for young techy professionals. Another favourite I have for this phone is because it is extremely light even if it is filled with such a great number of features!

Smart phones are expected to be more expensive compared to normal cellphones, however these phones are trending so much that people tend to overlook the price range and focus more on the features offered by the phone.

Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone may be really that affordable but it definitely is worth every penny you pay. Go get yourself one now!

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5 cheapest Android phones in India

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Below are the 5 Cheapest Android Mobile phones available in the Indian Market :

5 cheapest Android phones in India

1. MicromaxAndro A60

It is the cheapest android phone available in India. Andro A60 has a TFT 2.8 inches resistive touch screen. Though for enjoying android properly you need a capacitive touch screen but at such a price you can’t ask for more. It has a 3.15 megapixel camera whose quality is quite decent. Andro A60 comes with android 2.1 and has a 600Mhz processor. Available at an unbelievable price of justRs. 6,300it is surely a good option for people having Low budget but want to opt for an android phone.

2. Acer beTouch E110

It has nearly same features as possessed by MicromaxAndro A60. It also has a2.8 inch resistive touch screen and a 3.15 mega pixel camera. But it has a bit slower 416 MHz processor. Not to forget it has android version 1.5 which is currently not upgradable to higher version so if you are planning to buy this android phone we will advice you to reconsider your options since andro a60 looks more convincing to us with better features. It is available at a price tag ofRs. 6,400.

3. Dell XCD28

Now we personally wont recommend you Dell Xcd28 either if you are looking for a cheap android phone, reason being it has got same specifications as of Andro A60 but it is bit over priced atRs. 7,250as compared to Andro A60. Maybe its price is bit high due to brand name of dell but who cares if you can get same specs in another mobile at a cheaper price. If brand name is what concerns you then you can go for it.

4. Huawei Ideos U8150

It is the cheapest android phone in india which comes with Capacitive touch screen. All other android phones available which are cheaper that it have resistive touchscreen. It has android version 2.2 and is powered by 528 Mhz processor. It also has a proximity sensor which was missing in other cheap android phones. With a Price tag of aroundRs. 7800it is a good option. So if you want a good touch screen in your android mobile and at the same time want the phone to be cheap then Huawei Ideos U8150 is surely a good option for you.

5. Samsung Galaxy 5 I5503

Now looking at the list we provided you this mobile seems to be last among them but certainly it is not the least. Although it is most expensive phones among 5 phones mentioned in the article with a price tag ofRs. 8,750but still it is a good android phone with lot of features. It offers a 2.8 inch capacitive touchscreen. It has touchwiz 3.0 which makes the touch experience on the phone much smoother. It has a 2 megapixel camera which is a shot coming of the phone as most of its competitors have 3.15 megapixel camera beside being cheaper than it.

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Top Android Tablets on the Market

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Many believe that iPad makes the rule holds on the tablet PC market, in terms of utility. Fortunately for us, opinions are divided. It seems that the tablets using Android as operating system are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Preserving our right to be impartial, we will decide on the tablets now. Although some have 10-inch screen other 7, others have more RAM or look better, they all have one common feature - Android.

Without too much talk, people from TechRadar placed first in this top of tablet PC, Asus Eee Pad Tansformer. This tablet is not only well planned, technically speaking, but its great advantage is that it can compete with any other netbook on the market, considering that I can attach a dock with a physical keyboard on it.clip_image002In second place was Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. If the above Transformer offers something in addition to other gadgets in its class, the great advantage of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is that is the main competitor of the iPad. This has a dual-core Tegra 2 processor and is also thinner and lighter than the iPad 2.

Motorola Xoom occupies the third place on the podium and is among the first tablet PCs that came on the shelves and was built in the Honeycomb operating system. Although this gadget is more than attractive, Xoom has a small (or large) defect: the price - is too expensive. Reaching about $950, while the Transformer without keyboard is somewhere in $650 - $700. Passing over this, the tablet worth it! The design is a very good, its performance also, has a decent battery life. If the price would drop, it could become a fearsome rival to the iPad.

The fourth place is occupied by LG Optimus Pad, which is the first tablet in the world that decided to start "playing" with 3D technology. This Tablet PC has two 5 megapixel cameras that shoots while you can play video and 3D images. The problem is that the screen is not 3D, so if you want to see your "production" to the highest quality you will have to connect it to a 3D TV. If you are big fan of 3D format and you cannot expect a new wave of innovation, then this is the tablet you have to choose.

Acer Iconia Tab A500 is the last in this Top 5. Iconia from Acer, besides looking good, offers the same performance as the tablets mentioned above, which deserve to be appreciated. Iconia uses the same dual-core processor Nvidia Tegra 2 at 1 GHz as Motorola Xoom and both weigh exactly 730 grams. Have even the same size - 10.1 inches. Both have 32 GB of internal memory and supports Micro SD cards up to 64GB. And even if it's not quite stylish as Galaxy Tab 10.1, does not offer anything less than Transformer without the keyboard.

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Best 7 free iPhone apps

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iPhone is a buzzing word in the US mobile market, and Apple’s iTunes store has been reckoned worldwide as one of the best application store amongst the various mobile brands.

There are many businesses creating their own apps. A used car search and database are the most recent app made available for free on iTunes. If you are looking for a cheap second hand car then check out this new application by

Here, we look at a number of various applications that are free, interesting and can make you addictive.Best 7 Free iPhone applications

1. Facebook

This is called as the king of social networking applications that allows managing the Facebook account and checking upon the friends with this application. This is easy and a free application for keeping in touch with your friends and others. You can update your status message, know about your friend’s status and much more.
Download: Facebook

2. Google Mobile App

This is an interface that brings the search engine right into the convenience of your pocket, and has one touch access to many of your other Google products as well, like Google calendar, email and maps. What’s more is that this is compatible for allowing searching the web by using voice search technology. You can get at no cost and are one of the most useful applications that you can find in the iTunes store.
Download: Google Mobile App

3. Flixster

Now you can watch your favorite movie on your iPhone by registering for a Flixster account and streamline movies to the convenience of your mobile phone. Using this account you could do many things like watch trailers, read reviews and learn more about the movie before you step into the theater.
Download: Flixster

4. Google Earth

Now you have the globe onto your small palm with Google Earth coming as a free iPhone application. Using this application will help you to browse the entire surface of the earth in the palm of your hand. These will also composite images over a sphere to create a browseable model of the planet. You will find this application, and mind you, that you are sure to get addicted in using this application when travelling places, and also remember this has got nothing to do with GPS navigation. This application will tell you more about the places you want like cultural information to location information.
Download: Google Earth

5. Skype

Nothing more is much cheaper than bringing internet calling down to your phone and for this, you need to download the application Skype on to your iPhone, and be happy this application now comes at no cost. You can access your Skype account and make calls to Skype and other mobile and landline numbers using Skype as you will do so on your PC or laptop.
Download: Skype

6. The Weather Channel

This is one of the most useful applications that keeps you update of the latest weather information. Using this application, you can keep yourself cool and update yourself with a wide range of weather information including that of storms well ahead in time.
Download: The Weather Channel

7. Pandora

Well, if you are a radio kind of person, then you have a customizable application that can stream radio to your iPhone suiting your needs and tastes. All you need to do is download this application and choose your favorite stations.
Download: Pandora

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