Android Vs iPhone

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Most comparisons of the iPhone and Android are based off of biased opinions. Many people favor the phone of their choice without taking into consideration technical aspects and statistics. Here is a list of features with both phones and which phone comes out on top for those features.

Android Vs iPhone


As of now, the android phones only have around 70,000 apps and the iPhone has an extensive library with over 230,000 apps.
Winner – iPhone

Battery life

With the iPhone, there is no possible way to remove the battery. You must take your phone to an Apple store to replace dead batteries. Android phones have removable battery packs, allowing owners to carry extra batteries in case of emergency.
Winner - Android


Android phones have a global notification system, meaning that owners get notifications for virtually every key feature on their phone. Moreover, it is easy to access these notifications, erase them and understand the layout. iPhone, on the other hand, has a push notification system and you have to access notifications individually, making it tedious for popular owners.
Winner - Android


Android service providers make it very easy to jailbreak android phones. iPhone owners must jailbreak their phones themselves, and many iPhones don't ever wake up after the modification. Foreigners have an easier time with android phones when returning to their home.
Winner - Android

Internal memory

Android phones come with very limited internal memory. Moreover, overloading android phones with large apps can greatly slow down the phone's performance. iPhones have a lot of internal memory space, and users can choose the size of the internal memory upon purchasing the phone.
Winner - iPhone

External memory

Android phones support SD cards for external memory, but many people report loss of data and memory crashes, making it a very unreliable source for storage. iPhones do not support any external memory, though many owners do not complain because of the iPhones massive internal memory storage.
Winner - Tie


Android breaks mail apps into smaller groups with the gmail account being the primary focus. All the other mail apps seem low quality in comparison. iPhones manage mail with just one account, making things easy to sort.
Winner - iPhone


Android phones have an inconsistent text editing system. It basically depends on the app being used, and some apps don't allow any auto correcting feature. Moreover, the touch screen android phones sometimes have problems recognizing certain strokes. iphones, have a quality text editing feature that is very consistent.
Winner - iPhone

File transfers

iPhones still make it very hard to sync and transfer files, forcing owners to keep separate folders on laptop computers to sync and transfer files. Androids offer a plug-and-transfer system, making it as easy as transferring files from an external storage system.
Winner - Android

Hardware design and functions

Android phones have one common problem: The back button and home button sometimes don't work. The system tends to overload with many running apps and crash on the user. iPhones are very straight forward. It has one simple button and the menu and back button always do what they imply.
Winner - iPhone

Charging system

iPhones only allow for its type of charger. Androids have a USB charging system, which makes it very easy to charge. Moreover, it is easy to find conversion cables to charge android phones up to different types of energy sources.
Winner - Android


From these comparisons, people should be able to choose what is in their top priority when choosing a phone. Moreover, you should consider the fact that Apple allows for one OS upgrade before a new version launches. Androids do not support any upgrades -- users must purchase new versions.

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Smart phones boast hundreds of options that increase productivity and make your life simpler. One of the most practical uses is to print documents, photos and other files directly from your phone. You don't have to worry about logging on to your PC to get a quick print out. When you travel, you can carry less technology with you, knowing your smart phone can print out the documents it stores or access files over the internet on its own.

Know what options are available and chose the best one for your phone and lifestyle. Keep in mind the following six tips on which applications to use and how to print at the quality you want to ensure you always get the exact print job you want.

6 Tips for Printing From Your Smart Phone

Understand Your Printing Options

1. Print Using a USB Cable

Nearly all phones and printers have USB ports. Check to see if your technology has this option. If so, purchase a readily available USB cable and carry it with you so that you can quickly print anywhere, whether you are connected to a wireless printer network or not. This is the option to follow when using printers in unusual or public places, away from the office or your home.

2. Use the iPrint Application

Your phone can use the iPrint application with any local, wireless printer. Download the free app from iTunes App Store for an Apple smart phone, from Microsoft Marketplace for a Microsoft Mobile, from Nokia Ovi Store for a Nokia, or from Android Market for an Android. Future printing will be as simple as selecting the document or photo to print, then pressing Print and choosing which printer to use and retrieving the printed document from the printer. The compatible file types are pdf, .txt, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .bmp and wmf.

3. Print with the Cortado Workplace

BlackBerry and iPhones can use this free app from ThinPrint AG. E-mail, e-mail attachments, computer files and photos of documents can be stored in your company’s cloud server. Smart phones access them and print directly to a printer that is on a local wireless network. Download the app and enjoy printing from your home, office or any place with a networked printer.

4. Use Google Cloud Print

If you have a Google account, printing with Cloud Print is an ideal option. Download the Cloud Print app from Android Market. Once your printer and smart phone are set up, printing from the default printer is as simple as selecting a file and selecting Print. Changing to a different printer is also simple. Click Configure and select the printer to use on this print job. As long as Cloud Print is set up on that printer under your Chrome account, you'll be able to print from your phone.

Be Prepared To Print

5. Set Up The Printer

Knowing your printer is just as important as having the right application on your smart phone. Every app requires some connection to be set up with your printer or printing network. Set up the printers you wish to use as soon as you get the app so you can start printing right away. Procrastination is the enemy of productivity.

6. Printing Quality Photos

If you want to print photos from your smart phone make sure the photo quality is sufficient for the desired size. A 4x6 photo needs to be 2 megapixels in size to not appear pixelated. Set the photo quality before you take pictures so that if you decide to print them, you'll get satisfactory results. Many inkjet printers are capable of printing on photo paper, which will also add to the quality and enjoyment of photos taken with and printed from your smart phone.

Enjoy the ease of printing from your smart phone, no matter which app you decide works best for you. Print from your home, the office, at school, at the library, at a friends house or while traveling. Prepare ahead of time so that you can print what you need to print right when you need it, from files on the internet to photos you took thirty seconds ago. Printing has never been so easy.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace Review

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The Samsung Galaxy Ace was much awaited for by many when it was brought to the market early 2011. Many critics argue that the mobile phone can be likened to an expensive Smartphone with more features. Android 2.2 Froyo is one of the features that came with this new Samsung mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Design, Display and UI
This mobile phone definitely feels very well designed and a lot has been poured into its physical outlook. Interchangeable covers are one of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, having two separate covers, one black and one white. The two covers strikingly seem to have different characteristics with the white one appearing to be more plastic and the black one tending to have a more rubber-like feeling to it.

Some of the free features that come with the Samsung Galaxy Ace include an inbuilt FM Radio, WiFi and a microSC card slot. This mobile device also has Bluetooth 2.1 and exciting features in comparison to the other Samsung Galaxy models.

One of the weak points of the Samsung Galaxy Ace when it comes to its camera is the fact that it cannot take pictures in HD. Critics also argue that the video quality produced by this phone is not particularly the best but also beg to agree on the fact that the price could have played a role in the designing of a less than standard video camera. The five megapixel version comes with a 2x digital zoom and can record magnificently on a 320 x 240 resolution.
Without a doubt, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Ace is good but there is no disputing that a bit more could have been done to enhance its capacity. It does produce good picture and video qualities but fails to bring out a much higher expectation as was expected in comparison to previous Samsung Galaxy phones.

It is agreeable that the Samsung Galaxy Ace did meet the expectations of many a mobile phone enthusiasts. The physical feel of the phone combined by the new features instilled make it a brilliant phone for the modern person who uses mobile phones on a regular basis. Apart from a few features here and there, which will definitely be looked into while coming up with the next version of the Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Ace is a good option of a mobile phone to purchase.

Author Bio : Sathishkumar is a Blogger and Internet Marketer from India. He now works for Pixloo, a free Virtual Tour services company.


Nokia E6 - Review

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The first time I ever heard of Nokia’s E-series, I’ve already wanted to get myself one! And I was right to think that this phone is probably one of Nokia’s best and most favoured model of all time.

It has a lot of features that are suited for both young and adults. One favourite feature of mine is the whooping 8-megapixel camera that it has.

Since I enjoy blogging a lot of the places I’ve been to and the things I’ve done, the great pictures that I can take with this camera constantly gave me more traffic for my blogs. And I don’t even have to worry about the amount of light that my subject has to have when I take pictures of it using my Nokia E6 because it has a good working camera flash that I use for night time shoots or dimly lit areas. Its full keyboard feature gives me an easy-text experience and an easy-browse feature as well. Nokia E6The phone is also wifi-ready so you can begin to browse your favourite social site and share photos and videos. Another good thing about this phone is that it addresses eco concerns raised by a lot of environmentalists.

Nokia E6 has several Eco specifications that was especially made to ensure that this model doesn’t do any harm to the health of its user.

The Bluetooth technology might be common to other phones as well, but for Nokia E6, this contributes a lot to the things you can do with the high-definition camera that it has. Critics however points out that this phone has a higher radiation compared to other phones, which might cause hazardous effects to your body.

The phone also sports a smaller screen compared to others. This doesn’t give you the optimum quality other users need for web browsing and picture taking. The phone is basically as comfortable and easy-to-use as other Nokia phone models but with a higher quality set of features.

The best thing about this phone is that it isn’t as expensive as other smart phones. You’d get to have an amazing camera phone with an average rate that can be afforded by both students and professionals.

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Top 10 Hacks in Computer History

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Hacking as we know it began as early as 1932 when Marian Rejewski, HenrykZygalski, and Jerzy Rozycki broke the code for the Enigma machine. However, not until the 1980s did it become the dubious art form practiced by computer experts and teenage nerds today.Hacks In Computer History

Listed below are the top ten examples of computer hacking of the last three decades.

1. Fred Cohen in 1983, created the first computer virus and proved that no one algorithm could be used to detect all potential viruses. He used his compression virus to increase computer memory.

2. Robert Morris created the first computer worm. Though he too claimed that he had a positive goal in mind, he carefully disguised the fact that the worm was developed at Cornell where he was a student. Intended or not, the worm caused about 6000 computers to crash.

3. Kevin Poulsen used his skills to obtain a new Porsche. He hacked into the Los Angeles phone system to ensure he was the correct caller to win the car in a radio contest.

4. Vladimir Levin helped himself to Citibank accounts in 1994. He created wire transfers of $10 million to banks outside the country. Though there is some question about how much he really was involved in the technology of the scheme, he was sentenced to three years in prison.  $400,000 of the money was never recovered.

5. Kevin Mitnick, began his career at age 12 obtaining free bus passes and had graduated to breaking into Digital Equipment Corporation's computers by the time he was 16. He managed to hack into Motorola, NEC, Nokia, and Sun Systems among others, before serving a five year prison sentence and opening his own computer security firm. 

6. The Melissa Worm, created in 1999 by David Smith, spread wildly through mass emails on infected computers, overloading servers and deleting files.

7. The ILOVEYOU worm in 2000, began as an email attachment. When opened, a copy was sent to every address in the recipients file. The worm caused over $5 billion dollars damage and forced email shutdowns in corporations and government agencies including the Pentagon and the British Parliament.

8. U.S military computers were the targets beginning in February of 2001. Over 13 month, files were deleted, data and passwords stolen, and computers networks shut down including 300 computers needed in the aftermath of 9/11. Accused hacker Gary McKinnon claims to have been searching for UFO secrets.

9. The New York Times was hacked in 2003. Analyst Adrian Lamo also hacked Microsoft and Yahoo! Before his arrest in 2004

10. Recently, security consultant John Schiefer created his own "spybots" to access computer financial transactions.He obtained, then used or sold usernames and passwords to paypal and other bank accounts. 

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5 Free Utilities to Speed up your PC

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A computer is a very serious investment, and one that needs to be protected. Whether someone is a student or a businessperson, having a nice, speedy, computer is absolutely vital. However, alas, there are many, many threats to a computers speed out there. While there are programs that help to protect a computer these programs, of course, are extremely expensive. Thankfully, however, there are also many, professional-grade, programs that help to speed up and protect a computer for free. These will be examined below. Speed Up Your PC

Microsoft Security Essentials

Spyware is probably one of the biggest threats that a Windows computer faces. Spyware, in a nutshell, is software that that tracks a person's visited websites and can, in the worst case, steal personal data. Therefore, it not only slows down your computer, it can lead to loss of important information. To protect against this, there is Microsoft Security Essentials. This is a free program that automatically, and manually should you wish it, scans your computer for spyware and removes it. It also updated automatically so that a computer always has the best protection possible.


A big issue that slows down Windows computers is registry errors. These are issues that are caused through faulty updates or incorrectly removed programs. These, over time, can slow a computer down to a crawl. The free software, CCleaner, is specifically built to combat this. This program scans a computer and finds any registry errors or issues. Once found, it allows a user to fix them in short order.

Glary Utilities

Glary utilities are user-friendly free software that is quite powerful. It has several tools to speed up a slow computer like disc-cleanup and registry cleaner. One of the best things that it has, however, is a startup manager. How that works, in short, is that many programs start up when a computer starts up. This can slow a computer down as it has to bring every single one of these programs up every time it starts up. Glary Utilities allows a user to keep programs from starting up automatically which really improves computer speed.


Another good example of free software is SlimCleaner. This software automatically scans a computer for errors and fixes them for maximum optimization. Much like the other software mentioned, it automatically updates to keep a computer running safely and reliably.


TweakNow is another comprehensive suite of software that helps to speed up a computer. It has a registry cleaner and a startup manager and a large amount of other tools available. This software can be used by both professionals and amateurs as it has the right tools for both.


Smartphone's can do so much these days, and it’s great that they do, as it makes life on the move much easier to cope with and it saves you carrying extra devices such as laptops, mp3 player, camera, satellite navigation etc.

Unfortunately, with great power comes massive battery drainage. As a rule, if you fully charge your phone at 8am it’ll be ready to be plugged in again by the end of the day.

Best ways to improve your smartphone battery life

So how can you make your phone last a little longer?

Power saving mode

Most phones will have a power saving mode which will reduce screen timeout, turn off vibration, disable home screen animations and lower screen brightness. If you are not already using this feature, you should.


Chances are, you rarely use this, so turn it off – Bluetooth is a big power drain that you don’t need. You can usually toggle it back on when you do need it anyway.


Having WiFi on when you are not actually connected wastes energy. So again, toggle it on when you need it and turn it back off when you are out and about to save it from constantly scanning for signal.

Vibrate or Ring

Vibrating and ringing at the same time is pointless, so make sure you set your phone to do one or the other – use profiles to toggle from one mode to another without wasting energy on both.


Just like Bluetooth, GPS is a big waste, and most people almost never actually use it. If you ever want to use your sat nav, or maps you can toggle it on in a few seconds. So make sure it is switched off any time you don’t need it.


3G is great for browsing, but for emails, which are generally downloaded in the background, why not switch down to 2G – it uses less energy and you won’t notice the difference anyway.

Plane Mode

If you happen to be somewhere where you have no signal, or if you are not going to be looking at your phone anyway (say in a meeting), you might as well put your phone in Airplane mode – it’ll save a whole load of battery and barely takes a moment to toggle on/off.

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LG Optimus V

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Being a new smart phone user, I am really grateful that I chose this phone as my first because I can navigate it easily and understand the way it works without having to pore over its manual. LG Optimus V is a common android phone that has the Skype text-entry method as its strongest feature. clip_image002Unlike other touch screen phones wherein you’d have to tap each key, it allows you to just glide over the keyboard to key-in characters. A common problem for first time touch screen users is the keyboard, which is addressed by this phone.

Another edge it has over other smart phones is that it uses the Android 2.2 OS which features dozens of favorite applications. This is a good thing since you would be able to use a lot of the applications created by a number of creators because the operating system used is the most common for smart phones.

I have friends who have a hard time finding really cool applications for their phones because of the compatibility of the applications with their phone’s OS. I’m glad that I’m not having the same problem with LG Optimus V.

Though, the phone comes in with a built-in 2GB microSD on top of its 160MB phone memory, common complaints have been voiced out about the phone having a very low memory compared to other models. And if other phones have been working toward the goal of making their phone product slim and light to promote convenience for handy phones, LG Optimus V chose to ignore this trending feature resulting to an unusually heavy and thick smart phone. The phone is actually heavier and thicker than the usual smart phone.

The camera specs are not very impressive as well. It only has a 3.2 MP capacity but with an auto-focus feature that is extremely useful for capturing moving activities.  The pre-installed software for popular social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with the photo editing feature actually helps in doing away the trouble of having to download everything myself.

The LG Optimus V may not be the most impressive phone released by the brand but it’s still one of LG’s popular and most-used phone.

Author Bio : Bilal, He writes about different wordpress plugins like wp subscribers which is use to display popup forms and subscription forms in blog. He also review systems like profit siege which is one of the popular system in CPA industry.


Nexus S 4G Android Smartphone

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When it comes to smart phones, you will find that Nexus S 4G Android is on top of the list. There are many applications for this phone making it one of the top desired phones. There is no doubt that once this phone hit the market place everyone wanted to capture it and put it in his or her pocket. It is just the right size for your pocket or it will clip on to your belt or purse.Nexus S 4G Android SmartphoneThis terrific phone has a premium touch screen that you can use making it a dream come true for those who don’t like to fool around when it comes to their gadgets. The younger generation knows all about how to use gadgets and they want a Smartphone that has all the bells and whistles. That is why the Nexus S 4G Android has created the Smartphone for those who like to be able to have control of their destiny.

This smart phone features the following:

  • Touch screen to make life easier when it comes to finding the right movies, the person you want to talk to in a hurry.
  • Students use this phone to get information needed for their classes.
  • Attitude in a world of technology
  • 5 Megapixel camera with both a front and back lens
  • Flash to eliminate the problem of taking night-time photo’s
  • Auto focus to all you to take pictures of moving objects

In the world of gadgets and phones, you will want to own the Nexus S 4G Android in order to stay in touch with the modern technology advances. The company is creating more advantages for this phone that you will be able to add onto the already existing gadgets. You will be able to take moving pictures, access movies, and have a phone conversation at the same time.

This is the unique little phone today with a very low price tag. This is a great gift item for a student, parent, or teacher. Those who are on the go will love the Nexus S 4G Android because it is an on the go Android that can keep you posted up to date on the news, weather , and road conditions. There are so many features that this phone offers that you will need to buy one for yourself to determine what you think that Nexus will add next. Enjoy the camera it is one of the best features that they offer.

This guest post was written by stay at home mom Victoria. In her free time she enjoys writing and is currently helping afslibning af gulve out with a project.