Nokia has recently announced the specifications of its latest smartphone – Nokia 801T. Nokia 801T is an amazing phone with really nice features, nice enough to compete with Lumia 710. Nokia 801T is a Symbian OS based phone with really powerful camera. The phone is expected launch in the market in January 2011 as Nokia can’t afford the risk in delaying this phone’s launch. Nokia 801T is made of people who are very much involved in photography and music. Now let’s have a deep insight in the features of Nokia 801T which is being buzzed as a magnanimous phone.

Opearting System

Opearting system of Nokia 801T, as I have already mentioned, is Symbian Anna OS. Nokia 801T is having a really nice OS but I think that embedding Windows v7.5 in it would be a wise choice. Symbian Anna OS is not being used so much nowadays, it was considered outdated the day Samsung dumped it. Though, it
must be a move from Nokia to revive the Symbian OS and indirectly challenging the might of Samsung. 


Processor of Nokia 801T is really slow. It has having a 680MHz Arm 11 processor. The processor of Nokia 801T is fairly poor. Even a phone like Samsung Galaxy Y is having a better processor. Processor helps in many ways, the most important function is to power the processor with the clock speed. The better the clock speed is, the better the processor is considered. 


Memory of Nokia 801T is really nice. It is having 8GB internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB via microSD card. It is having 256MB RAM with 1GB ROM. Storage capacity of Nokia 801T is nice but the things which help in speeding the device like RAM etc are really poor. 

Camera Quality

Camera quality of Nokia 801T is superb. It is having a 8MP primary camera, secondary VGA camera, has got features like dual LED flash, image stabilization etc. We can even use it to record videos of 720p or HD quality with the speed of 30fps. I have already mentioned that this phone is made for people interested in photography and music.


Price though is not revealed yet but we are expecting it to be priced at somewhere near Rs.12,000. Rs.12,000 for a phone like this will be a fair price, but if I had that much amount I would have gone with a phone like HTC Explorer, HTC Wildfire S, etc.

Other Features

Data Connectivity – 3G,GPRS, EDGE, WLAN, NFC, Bluetooth v3.0, microUSB v2.0 etc.
Battery - Standard battery, Li-Ion 1300 mAh (BP-3L)
Screen - TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size – 4.0inch
Weight – 170 grams
Dimensions - 125.2 x 65 x 12.8 mm


Samsung And HTC Will Launch The LTE Enabled Phone

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Windows Based phones are all set to rock the floor. Nokia has already launched Nokia Lumia series of phones in the market and they are on fire, you have to believe me. Nokia is soon going to launch the devices with LTE enabled network. LTE basically stands for Long Term Evolution. LTE based phones are not found very much in the market. Only few smartphones like SGS 2 LTE support LTE network.
LTE network is a sort of 3.5G but is only available in countries 56 countries, rest of the world is still devoid. Even Japan has got its first ever LTE enabled device a few months ago, Japan is one of the fastest economies. LTE enabled devices are faster and support really fast data connectivity. It is sometimes even called 4G by some people, but it doesn’t full fill all the conditions set by ITU-R to be considered a 4G network. So we call it a sort of 3.5G.

I warn Nokia not think that competition would be easy! Because big daddies of phone market are soon going to challenge it. Samsung  and HTC will soon be in. HTC has decided to come into the LTE network support phone market by launching a phone codenamed as HTC Radiant while Samsung is coming in with a phone codenamed as Samsung Mandel. HTC Radiant has still not leaks but Samsung Mandel’s size has been
released, it is a 4.3inch screen phone.

The phones were previously expected to launch of Verizon network but Paul Thurott has confirmed that they will release on AT&T network. The phones are expected to be released in mid of 2012, perhaps in the MWC 2012!


Facebook Timeline To Be Soon Available on iPad

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Before the timeline update, Facebook was bifurcated into two columns which we had been seeing from quite a long time but soon the timeline feature was announced by Facebook – it faced criticism and sarcasm from some people while some people, including me, appreciated it a lot. Basically, why I liked timeline so much is because of some reasons. It is really easy to use, we can even post “featured” statues on Facebook. We can also check our whole story on Facebook from the date of birth to the current time. The timeline feature though is not our concern here, we are writing this to tell you an amazing news.

Facebook’s latest update i.e. the timeline feature will be soon available for the iPad users. Experts are expecting Facebook to do so by next month, so iPad users keep a check on your nerves!  This thing was already expected to be launched in iPad but due to some glitches it has to be postponed to January 2012. iPad is being sold at really fast pace in some parts of the world, including India, China, Taiwan, USA, UK etc. 

Whether you like it or not, you have to accept it.


3 Camera Apps for Honeycomb

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When you speak regarding photography with respect to tablet PCs, which are not professional when compared to cameras, you may not get the quality expected with the tablet PCs and are not worth enough. Here, we will cover the top 3 camera apps for Honeycomb. If you are using either Smartphone or Tablet PC with Honeycomb OS loaded in it, then this is the post that you must be searching for in order to enhance your photographic activities using your device.

If you also try Raising Your FICO Score before using any of these 3 camera apps for Honeycomb. Generally most of the people tend to compare the camera of these Smartphone's or Tablets with dedicated SLR or Digital Cameras. Generally we’ll be having additional lens, straps, more options, and also we’ll have huge scope to upgrade our camera as well. For example, if you are looking for your camera strap upgrade, there are certainly many possible options available from which we need to select the best camera strap upgrade possible. In case of Smartphone or Tablet PCs the options will be minimum but still they are wrathful for their activities. This list of 3 apps for honeycomb Android tablet devices is not listed according to the rankings and ratings.

#1. Photon 3D Panorama- Honeycomb Customized Camera APP

If you have an Asus Transformer in your way, you may feel happy to know that this particular app is specially designed for you. It is also compatible with the other tablets that sport Android 3.1 and users are allowed to take complete panoramic photos.
Photaf also works on other Android devices like Honeycomb running on 2.1 or other newer versions that offer additional options on your camera. This application is particularly handy if your device has panoramic mode.
photaf 3d panorama android apps
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#2. Light Box Photos

Lightbox Photos is a free popular camera app that is known asconnected camera” app. By using this, you can also sync the Honeycomb tablet that instantly shares the photos.

One can also find cool photo news feed that features automatic syncs recently added to the photos of your friends from Twitter and Facebook directly to your tablet device.
Lightbox android apps
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#3. Magic hour Camera

You can turn ordinary photos into surprising ones with new Magic Hour Camera app. The application is simple and plain, and this camera is just cool. It has got oodles of exciting and cool features. With this application, you will get 40 amazing filters that you can use.
You can also touch few things like curves, brightness levels, and many more. You will also enjoy 23 different textures that are offered.
Magic Hour android app
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Thus these are the 3 best Android Honeycomb OS compatible camera apps that enhance your photographic activities.
Author Bio : Alex is an active contributor on best camera strap upgrade website.


Nokia 603 Now Availalbe Online

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Online shopping is more convenient than shopping in malls and other stores. Online shopping has some benefits too, it saves our time, offers us wide variety of products and even helps us in saving a hell lot of our money. Wondering how? Using coupons and special offers guys!
Nokia 603 was officially launched in India in October 2011. Nokia 603 is now available even on online stores. Nokia 603 is available on Letsbuy. It is priced at Rs.14,256 on Letsbuy, but as I have mentioned that we can save a lot of money in online shopping using coupons, so I advise you to use Letsbuy coupon. You will get it at much cheaper rate. Now, coming to the specifications, Nokia 603 has got the following features – 

3G – Yes on HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100 bands
Weight - 109.6 g
Touchscreen - IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen
Pixel Density – 220ppi
Size – 3.5inch
RAM – 512MB with 1GB ROM
Internal Memory – 2GB
Expandable Memory – 32GB via microSD card
Camera – 5MP primary camera, there is no secondary camera
OS – Symbian Belle OS
Processor – 1GHz processor

So guys don’t wait, just grab it!


Blackberry Playbook Now Available at 50% Cheaper Rate

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This news might be a moment to rejoice for the Blackberry fans as Blackberry has decided to curtail the price of Blackberry Playbook by almost 50% that means by about Rs.12,500! The Blackberry playbook will be available in the market at the discounted price from 31st December, last day of the year!

The current cost of Blackberry Playbook 16GB model is Rs 27,990 and by 31st December, it will be available at the price of Rs.13,490. The 32GB model of Blackberry Playbook will be available at just a bit more price - Rs 15,990. The 64GB model of Blackberry Playbook will be available for Rs.24,490. We all can get Blackberry Playbook at this much cheap rates from nowhere but directly from exclusive Blackberry stores. Don't get too excited, it isn't available right now. Blackberry will put this plan of discounted price in effect from 31st December. So hold your nerves till then.

Blackberry has always been considered a really expensive brand but it has proved people wrong by lowering down the prices of its top notch products like Playbook and Blackberry Curve.

The experts are saying that Blackberry Playbook’s price has been curtailed because it hasn’t attracted a lot of customers and is proving to be harmful for Blackberry. Whatever, it may be but all what we are getting is profit. So guys and girls, grab it before it slips out!


Motorola Fire Announced - Price, Features and Views

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Motorola has this year released the lowest number of phones after Philips. The last or the latest phone released by Motorola is Motorola Fire. Motorola Fire is an amazing phone touch and type phone with TFT capacitive touchscreen. It has got 2.8inch touch screen with 143ppi pixel density. To keep it running for 7hrs on talk-time and 260hrs on standby it has got a 1400mAh standard Li-Ion battery. To know more about this amazing phone, let’s conduct a review. Remember, this is not a hands on review as a phone is yet to be released.

Operating System

Operating system of any phone is really a crucial part. But still, there are some people who don’t know much about this very catalog and let this factor hook off and later they regret. Operating system of Motorola Fire is perhaps the most used OS this year – its Android v2.3(Gingerbread). Android v2.3 is an amazing OS and has already proved itself by being available in almost every smartphone released this year.

Memory Size

Memory of Motorola Fire is good too. It has got 32GB expandable memory while things like internal memory, RAM etc are yet not officially announced by the company. The expected internal memory of Motorola Fire is at least 2GB while the expected RAM is minimum 256MB. If these expected figures comes out to be true than this phone will easily compete phones like HTC Chacha.

Camera Quality 

Camera quality of Motorola Fire is magnanimous. It has got 3.15MP primary camera with features like geo-tagging etc. The camera of Motorola Fire also allows us to record videos but surprisingly there is no secondary camera in this phone.


The phone is yet not released by the company but its price can be expected. The Motorola Fire is expected to be price somewhere very near to Rs.7,000 as it has features similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Y. And as far as the launching date is confirmed, it is expected to be in January 2012.


LG Announces The Schedule For ICS Update

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LG phones are doing a great job. LG phones are soon going to get Android v4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich) soon, all these are not merely speculations but are confirmed by the LG team officially. LG a few days ago made a promise that LG phones will get ICS and keeping up the promise, they have officially announced the update. LG has revealed that the update of ICS will come in two waves. 

The first wave will come in quarter of 2012 and this wave will cover phones like LG Optimus LTE, Prada phone by LG 3.0, the LG Optimus 2X, the LG Optimus Sol, the LG my Touch Q and the LG Eclipse.

The second wave of update will come in quarter 3 of 2012 and it will include phones like LG Optimus 3D, the LG Optimus Black, the LG Optimus Big, the LG Optimus Q2 and the LG Optimus EX. The updates are planned in a very sophisticated and in a very clever way.

The phones which were having poor Android OS firmware were covered in the first wave while the phones with latest OS firmware were put in the second wave of update. This is something like time-bomb, which will explode after a pre-defined time and the time when it will explode, it will rock the phone market.

Author Bio : This is a guest post by Sarah. She writes for Gamesht which has different Technology Reviews  & has lot of Software training material which will help student in their studies.


How to pre-cache Google maps on Android

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It feels really weird to ask the correct way for going somewhere from a stranger in a strange land. What is the solution? Try using GPS system or use Google maps. Google maps can give you the exact location of places around you, all what you need is internet access. What if we don’t have internet access around? Simple, we have to pre-cache the Google maps. Pre-caching Google maps might sound a difficult task but believe me, it is as easy as 1,2,3. One has to just follow the steps mentioned below and if they are followed properly you will easily be able to pre-cache the Google maps. Pre-caching Google maps allows you to access them even at the time, when you don’t have access to internet. It is something very much similar to downloading certain thing from web and later accessing it even without internet. Now, here is the tutorial to teach you “How to pre-cache Google maps on Android”.

Step 1 – Connect your phone to internet, then open Google maps and then navigate to the place you want to go.
Step 2 – Now tap “menu” and then tap “settings” and at last tap “Labs”.
Step 3 – Now scroll down and find something called “Pre-cache map area”.

Step 4 – Now choose the area on the map to be pre-cached and then tap the balloon.
Step 5 –Now again go to menu and then select pre-cache map area from details page.

Step 6 – Now let you phone pre-cache the map. It might take several minutes in some cases.