It is well-known to people that among the four U.S. carriers for Windows Phone, AT&T seems to be Microsoft’s best associate. A Developer Summit by AT&T is going to be held on January 8 and 9 in Las Vegas, just before the kicking of f of the Consumer Electronics Show. In this year, this event is accorded with valuable sessions which will provide information’s and details about the upcoming technologies and certain opportunities to connect with the industry's top experts and professionals. This Submit has been extended to another day which adds with the Sunday Hackathon and a registration reception. Finally, an unforgettable evening at Rock at Rain with a private concert is scheduled once all the sessions are over.


The Developer Submit is planned with various sessions, purposes and device showcases, which are discussed below.

The Developer Submit is scheduled with a Windows 8 tablet session which has planned to bring Snapdragon-powered Windows 8 tablets to the spotlight as these tablets works on 4G LTE wireless networks. The majority of these sessions won't please the fancy of daily consumers but there is an “A Metro Style Hemi”, which is scheduled as an afternoon session which would showcase Windows 8 tablet powered by a Qualcomm with many chips.

The speakers are Jon Sharp of AT&T and who is a member of a third-party development managing team for all types of devices such as USB data cards, netbooks, notebooks and tablets. Lauren Thorpe, who is the senior director for Qualcomm developers’ relations, will also speak in this mega event. But, as a matter of fact, no speaker has been listed from Microsoft for this Windows 8 tablet session but t its purpose clearly seems to show how AT&T and Microsoft are working together to make developing connected applications easier.

Hence, this Developer Summit hopes to bring change in this relationship and may have something to do with carriers which would offer Windows 8 tablets to customers who sign a data plan contract and may have something to do with the Windows 8 functionalities such as device sharing which is one of the targeted categories. There are no details available on the fact that Win-8 physical unit will be on hand with an active LTE radio. One should know that Microsoft has started taking steps for these issues and is contacting with the carrier about hosting such devices. Moreover, it is expected that Win8-based tablets would be available in addition with LTE if AT&T has already got one in its lab for testing. This hope of the addition of LTE to Win-8 tablets may increase the price the range of the device. Therefore, The AT&T Developer Submit 2012 is going to be something really amazing and a must-attend conference providing the latest technologies and developer tips.

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