LG Signs A Patent Deal With Microsoft

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Friday, January 13, 2012 | | 0 comments »
LG has decided to grow. LG’s smartphones such as LG Optimus have done an amazing job in the international phone market. Earlier, LG was considered an inferior brand but later as the technology evolved LG gained reputation in the phone market and now it holds a position where only Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Nokia have a place. LG’s smartphones are now one of the best smartphones available in the market. Taking another step forward, LG has recently signed a major agreement with the Microsoft Copropration.

According to this new patent deal, LG will be paying some money to Microsoft for every phone or tablet or any other device it will produce that will have Android or Google Chrome OS. This is not a new sort of deal, LG is the 11th company to ink this deal. HTC signed this deal back in 2010, Samsung signed this last year but the terms and conditions of the deal signed by HTC and Samsung also mentioned that these two phone companies have to help Microsoft in promotion of Windows Phone OS and even give some cash, if necessary for the betterment of the OS. Nobody knows if LG has signed same terms and conditions too.
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