Review of Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

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With such a wide range of excellent phones that are offered by major mobile phone companies, it has become really hard for people to select a phone for themselves. Aside from this, mobile technology is progressing rather quickly. The companies in the mobile phone industry are making great efforts to meet their users’ needs, regardless of whether these are the needs of their existing users or these are their future users and the needs they might have.

Samsung Phones

The Samsung Company has always been known for their ability to make great phones with a great price tag, but it also stands behind some of the most elegant models that are pricy. Their users, on the other hand, are not troubled by high cost of some of the models, as it seems to be justified with the quality it gives in return. One of the newest models from the Samsung Company is the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, and here will be given a review about this amazing phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Design

As it has already been mentioned, Samsung phones are known for their beautiful design and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is no exception. This Smartphone has a very modern design and it is somewhat smaller in size than many other mobile phones under Samsungs’ brand name. The fact that the phone is not as big as many other phones is an advantage for Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Its smaller size makes it easier for users to maneuver the phone. Further on, this Smartphone comes with a 3.65-inch capacitive touch screen with 16M colors. The main idea that designers had with this phone was to make it simple but elegant, which has proven to the recipe for a great-looking phone. The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus truly does look great!

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Features

This phone has some standard features that make it easier for their users to use their phones, and these features include a phonebook, organizer, messaging and e-mail. As far as the phonebook of this amazing Smartphone goes, it is safe to say that the option of unlimited entries seems to be one of the greatest things in regard to phone’s features. Further on, there are features that make creating and managing contacts in your phone fairly simple, such as the option anyone from your phonebook by their first, and also by their last names. The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus also has the option of voice dialing and voice calling.

Phone’s Memory, Video and Audio Options

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus has a 5 megapixel camera, with white balance, smile detection, auto focus and a few other features. The phone has a music player and a YouTube player, which makes this phone ideal for anyone who is looking for great music options in a phone. It works with a single core processor and has 512MB of RAM memory. The phone can store up to 3GB of data, and this can be expanded to 32GB with a memory card.

All in all, Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is considered to be a great phone with a middle-range price. Therefore, it is safe to say that this phone is affordable, but this has no impact on its quality whatsoever.

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