Top 5 Things To Look For in 2012

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2012 or the death year is already here. So, what have you planned to do before you die? Well, I have decided to grab the gadgets mentioned later in this post before I die. Actually I don’t think anything will happen but still for all those who are scared I prefer you to enjoy thoroughly. Our team has compiled up the list of Top 5 Things To Look For in 2012. The things mentioned here are not yet launched anywhere in the world. So here goes the list – 

iPhone 5

Has any phone diverted the attention of so many people before it is even announced? I guess no. iPhone has been be constantly been rumored to launch soon but no one knows the truth. Whatever it may be, Apple iPhone 5 is expected to launch this year for sure. Apple iPhone 5 will definitely be a success and we have always kept you updated with its news. Apple iPhone 5 is expected to have 1.5Ghz dual core processor, 12MP camera, LTE network support, etc. iPhone 5 will be based on a completely new technology. To read 
more about this, head on to the search bar.

iPad 3

Another Apple gadget which has constantly buzzed the minds of people. iPad 3 is something about which Apple wants to stay quiet. Soon after the release of Apple iPad 2 in March, people are waiting for the Apple iPad 3. Apple iPad 3 is expected support LTE network, based on iOS 5, no home button etc. If all these features will come true then even Samsung can’t stop Apple to be a huge success.

Nintendo Wii U

 Nintendo Wii U is an another amazing creation from the Nintendo company. Nintendo Wii U will be a great competitor to the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. Nintendo Wii U is another hand held gaming console designed by Nintendo which support features like touchscreen controller, HD gaming, etc. Nintendo Wii U will be launched soon as it has been officially announced by the company. Nintendo Wii U will 
definitely get the attention of millions of people.

Flexible Display

Yes, flexible display will now no more be a rumor if everything will go well this year. Flexible display are being speculated a lot and hence its becoming quite mandatory for companies to bring them in the market as soon as possible. What I personally think is that Samsung will be the first company to bring out these displays as we have been hearing news of Samsung working on them from quite a long time and these news were not given out by anyone but by the trusted sources.

Samsung Galaxy S 3

A few days ago posted the some of the leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S 3, God knows whether that was real S3 or not. If SGS S3’s biggest rival, Apple iPhone 5, deserves a place here then surely SGS S3 too deserves a place. I have compared these two phones many times and what I have always concluded is that SGS S3 will be better than iPhone 5. SGS S3 is expected to have dual core 1.8 GHz Sammy processor, 12MP primary camera, Android v4.0, 2GB RAM etc.
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