10+ best Windows Phone apps for your business

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With multitasking becoming a must do in corporate culture today, executives are required to stay in touch with several contacts and oversee a number of tasks. You can be at the client site with time running out to send an internal expense sheet. Else, while attending an out of town conference, you might have to simultaneously keep track of an in-house project. Monitoring, scheduling, scrutinizing, coordinating and keeping tab of all activities can put you in a tizzy.


Surely, you need a phone that makes things easier. The Windows Phone loaded with useful applications can definitely help out such business users with hectic lifestyles. A few business apps of the phone are itemized below.

1. Translator

This app is simply magnificent and can interpret about 35 languages. Just type a common phrase, word or sentence in any language and get the translation on your screen. This clever app will be loved by business travelers who flit from one country to another often.

2. Stay in Touch

The phone has so many options for staying in touch with people that it is bound to make business networking a whole lot easier. Firstly, all contacts can be organized into groups and fixed on the start screen for instantaneous access. In the contact cards, you can view the entire conversation history, be it via SMS or email. Also, it integrates social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

3. Office Hub

This app enables one to share skydrive hosted content, sync office 365 documents and boasts of Microsoft Lync support.

4. Plancentric Timesheet V4

A lot of time is spent in calculating variables like time as well as financials of a project. Do this faster using this intuitive and mobile timesheet.

5. Viadeo

Thanks to this function, you can easily stay in touch with all contacts, colleagues, bosses, etc. Access industry information, articles or expert advice using this app, which also allows you to connect with over 30 million other users!

6. Interactive Law

Go through your legal documents even when you do not have computer access. While cruising in the car, waiting at the airport or when you are mobile, browse all legal transactions right on your handset.

7. Upvise

A set of functions for small and medium sized businesses, this app aids one to collaborate for projects, invoices, sales and many other functions as it is compatible with most other mobile operating systems.

8. Mobile Insight

Scheduling and monitoring tasks becomes real easy with mobile insight, which has real time field support. Now you can stay in touch with team members and oversee operations while they are in execution.

9. Review Horizon Analytics

View and compare web site traffic on the go. A number of statistics like daily visits, bounce rate, time spent on site, etc. can be accessed via this app.

10. Business Auto Tracker and Business Expense Tracker

Keep a tab on the amount you splurged on business travel using the GPS function on the phone. All details of the travel can be entered on a spreadsheet and emailed for reimbursement. Business expenses can be recorded on excel and mailed using the business expense tracker.

11. Coresuite Mobile

Information on business partners or SAP reports can be retrieved using this app.

12. Virtual Remote Presenter

Use your handset as a remote to control power point presentations, you can even time the slide navigation.

13. 90KiN Business Intelligence Dashboard

A tool for business intelligence visualization that lets you access all vital company information

14. Send to windows phone 7

With just a click of a button, you can send any important document to your phone. So, there is no need to make a separate list of addresses, phone numbers and maps on the computer as well as the phone.

Wrap up

Business communication and networking is real easy with the phone. You can send important emails, dispatch expenses on excel spreadsheets and view conversation history with any of your clients. Whether you are in office or at an out-of-town trip, the apps on Windows Phone help you stay in touch with all co workers, subordinates, suppliers and clients.

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