75% of Battery is Consumed to Show Ads on Android

Posted by Arjun Chauhan | Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | , | 0 comments »
Android is the best OS, according to me, and this so perhaps because of its large application support and out of them most are free which makes this OS really great. But there is a one big drawback of Android OS and it is its inability to retain battery. Two research groups from Purdue University and Microsoft decided to find out the reason and what they found was really interesting. They found that when you run an application of any Android device, for the test they used Android v2.3, 75% of what that application consumes is consumed by the ads shown to you when you use that app. 

Let’s say you get a notification that Angry Birds consumed 10% of your phone’s battery, but what actually happened is, Angry Birds only consumed 2.5% while ads consumed 7.5% of your phone’s battery. Wondering how? Well the procedure of showing ads is quite sophisticated. What happens behind the scenes is your device upload’s your location using your IP on the server and then downloads the appropriate ads. This survey was done using EProf, another Android application, which lets you monitor your phone’s battery consumption by an application. 
Tip : What fun, there are apps available free at the Android Marketplace which let you block those ads and let you enjoy the application fully.
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